Can London Vision Clinic Correct Or Fix My Previous Laser Eye Surgery?

98% of people who come to the London Vision Clinic can be treated. This includes patients who have been told that they are not suitable for laser eye treatment at another clinic and patients who have had Laser Eye Surgery somewhere else and are not happy with their previous results or have experienced complications. We do not only exceed the standards required by the Care Quality Commission, but we are one of only a few Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK to have achieved ISO-9001 certification.

Your screening at the London Vision Clinic will very likely be the most comprehensive and rigorous eye exam you have ever had. The sophisticated measurement tools we use can be found nowhere else in the United Kingdom.

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The surgeons at London Vision Clinic are experts in their field and lead the way in what they do. They are experienced in doing therapeutic Laser Eye Surgery for patients who have had it done elsewhere and have experienced complications or they’ve experienced end points from their previous surgery which are not the results they wanted. So patients who have had surgery elsewhere can contact us and we can advise you on what you need by way of appointments and test prior to your visit.

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“I wish I’d done this years ago. Completely changed my opinion on eye surgery. Fantastic outcome. I would recommend everyone to do this an exceptional procedure”. Alex

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