Can My Vision Return To Its Original Level After Laser Eye Surgery?

Vision is likely to return to what patients could see through their best pair of glasses after Laser Eye Surgery. Many people ask if their vision can return to what it was before wearing glasses. This is extremely rare as it would mean that vision would have to regress all the way back to its starting point. The cornea may heal a little off its targets but it is very unlikely that it will heal right the way back to its original prescription.

Some patients experience a regression of effect following surgery, but not to the preoperative level. A surgeon can fine-tune or enhance the surgery to further improve the vision if necessary.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about what to expect your vision improvements to be after Laser Eye Surgery.

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I was happy wearing contact lenses for many years until I started experiencing problems, including 3 ulcers. Laser treatment has been wonderful and I am sure once I experience holidays etc. lenses free I will be even more delighted. Still can’t get over my bed time routine when I keep feeling I should be removing my lenses because I can see so wonderfully!– Hayley Butcher

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