Does Every Patient Get Wavefront At London Vision Clinic?

Mr Glenn Carp – “At the London Vision Clinic we try and offer each patient their maximum potential, so in most patients they will benefit from Wavefront technology.  We are able to provide not only Wavefront Guided and Wavefront Optimised treatments but also Topography Guided treatments and as well we can look to boost various portions of the Wavefront so essentially all patients are screened not only as individuals but also through their individual eyes to see what would give them the best results in terms of optimizing their Wavefront.”

Wavefront Explained Further…

We test every patient with the wavefront aberrometer at the initial screening under dilated and undilated conditions. If we find higher order aberrations in the visual system, we will include a wavefront-guided component in the treatment plan. If we do not find higher order aberrations, we will omit this component.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how the wavefront technology is used at London Vision Clinic.

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