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What Kinds Of Laser Eye Surgery Technologies Are Used At London Vision Clinic?

At the London Vision Clinic, we have a very strong and close working relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec.  This is a company based in Germany who supplies our laser equipment to us.  They are very innovative company and we are fortunate enough to receive upgrades from them on a yearly basis, improving the technology as we move forward.

Laser Eye Surgery Technology Explained Further…

Laser Eye Surgery uses a number of specialist devices in order to:

  • Screen patients to see if surgery is appropriate (suitability)
  • Make a pre-operative assessment
  • Provide treatment
  • Provide post-operative care

Most laser eye surgeons use five Laser Eye Surgery technologies. These are:

Mr Glenn Carp discusses the sources of laser technologies used at London Vision Clinic.

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I was very frightened about having the surgery. Almost to the point of not being able to speak. I am so pleased that I went through with it as I can now read recipes, cooking instructions, books – the list is endless. People now ask me to read things for them!! Never would have dreamt that.
– Pauline Chick

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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What Kinds Of Laser Eye Surgery Technologies Are Used At London Vision Clinic? [video]

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