How much would you pay for perfect eyesight?

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What comes to mind when you think of the word priceless?

Relationships with friends and loved ones, particular memories and experiences, special heirlooms or trinkets?

Thankfully, most things we consider to be priceless we never really have to put a price on. It’s unlikely that someone will approach you one day with an offer to buy Betsy, your beloved miniature schnauzer, for a cool million in cash.

Unfortunately, however, there are some priceless things we’re forced to assess in terms of their monetary value. These tend to be things that don’t last such as our health, and especially our ability to see, hear, move freely, and live an independent life.

So even though we consider our health to be priceless, we need to balance the cost of keeping ourselves in good nic with keeping our bank balances just as healthy. This is where we have to let our emotions take a back seat and move to a more practical and diligent mindset.

A Which? comparison of Laser Eye Surgery clinics

The most comprehensive review of UK Laser Eye Surgery is a report by Which? that covers hundreds of providers from high street chains to private hospitals to independent clinics.

The report is based on the experiences of 460 Which? members who’ve had Laser Eye Surgery at some point in the last ten years. Each participant gave clinics a one-to-five star rating across several areas and provided an overall satisfaction score according to how likely they would be to recommend them to a friend (you can find the table and results here).

The full report shows which clinics excel or fall down in areas like the explanation of the procedure, customer service, time with the surgeon, and professionalism. However, what we’re going to focus on here is pricing transparency.

This is crucial when it comes to having Laser Eye Surgery, as like we mentioned earlier, although we want the best care and optimal safety when it comes to our health, we don’t want to be deceived and pay too much.

In this area, hospital-based providers, small chains, and independent clinics consistently received five-star ratings and came out on top. High street chains like Optimax and Optical Express struggled, scoring three out of five and coming in at the bottom.

This trend continues across the board, with customer satisfaction scores in the 80s and 90 percents for hospitals and independent clinics, and in the 60s and 70s for high-street providers.

It’s clear from the data that most people find high-quality Laser Eye Surgery is worth the cost, yet the Which? report notes a typical comment from participants as: ‘Within two hours I was watching TV without glasses for the first time in 20 years. However, I feel very grateful that I was able to spend the money to get a surgeon who came very highly recommended.’

So it seems the bottom line is that, even though it is a priceless sense, the reality is we need to consider the numbers, shop around, and work out which clinic offers the best value for money. And going by Which?, it’s clear to see where you’ll find it. You have one set of eyes, there is no compromise with fees to feel in safer hands.

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