Laser Eye Surgery At The London Vision Clinic If You Are Not A UK Resident Or UK Citizen

Our Patient Care Coordinators guide all patients through their entire Laser Eye Surgery process, from initial assessment to aftercare. They go through a comprehensive training programme so that they can answer all the questions patients might have.

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic If I Do Not Reside In The UK?

If you are not a UK citizen you can have treatment with the London Vision Clinic. We do require our patients have at least a minimum of one week’s stay; sometimes it could more or less, so please contact us prior to finalising your travel plans.

We talk about treatment at the London Vision Clinic if you do not live in the UK.

Can I Apply For Finance If I Am Not A UK Citizen?

London Vision Clinic uses a third party organisation for finance and unfortunately, if you are not a UK citizen, you are unable to apply for finance.

We explain whether patients who are not UK citizens can apply for finance.

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“A totally pain free procedure, helpful and knowlegeable staff, clean and relaxing facilities made the whole experience worry free. I have already recommended to family and friends who are considering laser eye surgery”. Allison

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