Travel Vlogger Anna Goldman Takes Us on a Journey to Clear Vision

When making the big decisions in our lives, many of us find the advice and perspectives of others who have gone through the same process to be invaluable. For first-time house buyers, this means speaking with friends and family members who are familiar with the process; When it comes to Laser Eye Surgery, hearing accounts from other patients can be a great complement to expert advice from clinic staff and surgeons.

And when it comes to patient testimonials, we have been lucky enough to have a number of patients who were so affected by their journey to clear vision that they decided to make vlogs about the whole process – including travel vlogger Anna Goldman.

In the video below, Anna talks us through her journey, from her reasons for considering Laser Eye Surgery right through to her recovery.

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Anna’s Journey to Harley Street

As the video begins, we’re introduced to Anna as her followers usually see her: free of glasses (and cares) as she travels the world. But as she explains, in her real life, glasses have become a real burden. This includes many joint experiences that all glasses-wearers will be familiar with.

“My choice was to remove them – the glasses – and all the limits they gave to my life; like snowboarding, swimming in the sea, or just swimming in the pool! Buying my sunglasses without constantly having to change the lenses…

“And especially, when you have to wear your glasses when it’s raining, you cannot imagine guys – who are not wearing glasses – how uncomfortable this is.”

Unfortunately for Anna, as for many other people, contact lenses weren’t an effective solution, either. So, after years of back and forth, and after her eyesight deteriorated further, Anna finally decided to take the plunge. Having watched a vlog from another of our patients, Anna decided to book a consultation right here at London Vision Clinic.

During this first appointment at our Harley Street Clinic, Anna tells us, “This is when magic started happening.”

After undergoing various tests during a rigorous screening appointment, Anna (like around 97% of patients we see) was told she would be suitable for ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery. Still, Anna wasn’t completely convinced that Laser Eye Surgery was right for her – until her next appointment.

Meeting Professor Dan Reinstein

Opting for any kind of elective surgery can be a difficult decision. It is daunting and – let’s face it – extremely scary. These fears are somehow elevated even further when it comes to something as precious as our eyes and Laser Eye Surgery even presents some completely unique worries for many patients, as Anna highlights in her vlog.

Fears such as having your eyes open during the procedure, moving during surgery, and what to expect from the recovery process. Still, with a little research and (as Anna discovered) advice from an expert surgeon, even these fears can be resolved.

At her second appointment, Anna met with world-renowned surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein, who would be performing her treatment. This appointment provides the opportunity for our patients and surgeons to get to know each other. Not only does this help the surgeon to create a tailored treatment plan, but it also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions and address any fears they may have.

By the end of this second appointment, Anna had made her decision.

“It was a combination of different things: the articles and reviews I had read about him; his voice, his manner, the way he behaved, the way he talked to me – and at the end of this appointment I realised, ‘Yes, I really want to give the most precious thing in my life – my eyes – in the hands of this particular person.'”

Surgery Day and Recovery

When the day of the surgery comes around and after some last-minute nerves, Anna is finally ready to “remove that fog from [her] eyes”. After a complimentary cappuccino and a few chocolates in the waiting room, it’s time to receive her recovery care bag and head into surgery.

After a few more checks, we see just how fast and efficient Laser Eye Surgery really is. The whole procedure for both eyes took only six minutes! And, as you can see in the video, Anna noticed an improvement as soon as she sat up, which made for an emotional reaction.

“After the procedure itself, I came back home and I just slept. I didn’t take any painkillers, I didn’t have any pain – I just slept until the next day.”

The next day, at her first follow-up appointment, Anna discovered that her Laser eye Surgery treatment had helped her to achieve 20:20 vision, without the help of glasses or contact lenses.

Anna’s Major Takeaways from her Journey

Anna concludes her video with her major takeaways from her video:

  • Don’t be scared; it doesn’t hurt at all… the worst feeling you might have is the next day, having this feeling of having contact lenses in your eyes – that’s discomfort, and that’s it!”
  • Choose the doctor; go with someone with a really good reputation and really good reviews.”
  • “Last but not least: Don’t try to save your money; it’s your eyes, for God’s sake! It’s not worth saving. It’s a lifetime investment in one of the most, if not the most, sensitive and important parts of your body.”

But did Anna have any regrets? Well, as many of our patients tell us – only that she didn’t do it sooner!

“It is a miracle. It’s like a totally new world for me, with new colours and new shapes and I can see it in all detail with my own eyes.”

If you’d like to learn more about Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today. Alternatively, to start your own journey to clear vision, Book a Consultation to determine your suitability for treatment.