What are the Finance Options for Laser Eye Surgery?

There’s no getting around it: High-quality Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap. So many people are relieved to find out that, as with many other investments, finance options are often available for Laser Eye Surgery – including here at the London Vision Clinic.

Napoleon is widely credited with referring to England as a nation of shopkeepers (or l’Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers); a comment that was meant to be derisive; however, there is no denying our love to shop.

In recent years, this has meant that hitting the high street (or shopping online as is increasingly the norm) there are a growing number of options to allow us to do just that. Take financing for example.

Many people opt to pay for the latest mobile phone through a contract. Many others will take advantage of financing options to cover the up-front cost of their new sofa, a new kitchen, or perhaps even a new car! But what about your vision?

While financing has received some criticism in recent years for leading some people into debt, at its core, financing is not a tease or trap for unwitting consumers. When used responsibly, financing allows customers to effectively spread the cost of everything from cosmetic surgery and dental work to LASIK and other corrective refractive procedures!

This makes Laser Eye Surgery more accessible, without compromising safety and quality.

The clever way to pay for Laser Eye Surgery

At the London Vision Clinic, we are big advocates for opting for the best possible Laser Eye Surgery provider. However, we understand that, with fees stretching up to – and sometimes beyond – £3,000 per eye, this might not always feel like a choice.

To the average person, receiving Laser Eye Surgery under the guidance of an expert surgeon can seem somewhat of a luxury. In many cases, this leaves people feeling trapped by their glasses frames or hindered by their contact lenses for much longer than necessary. But potentially even more worryingly, many others unwittingly compromise their health by settling for cheap Laser Eye Surgery options.

Thankfully, as Laser Eye Surgery is not available through the NHS, many banks, independent companies, and clinics offer an affordable and manageable way to pay for your treatment.

World-class Laser Eye Surgery could be more affordable than you think

It can be daunting to enter into a finance agreement – particularly with an unfamiliar credit provider. You may be worried about lengthy small print and quickly spiralling interest fees – but don’t worry!

While it is possible to find Laser Eye Surgery providers offering plans ranging from three months to five years, and paying zero interest to as much as 22.99%, here at London Vision Clinic, we like to keep our financing options as simple as possible.

Like some other independent clinics, London Vision Clinic offers interest-free financing plans. This means you can pay for your treatment over up to three years, without worrying about interest fees adding up. This means you could access all the perks of our high staff-to-patient ratio, world-class technology, expert surgeons, and top-of-the-line treatments for a lot less than you might think!

Clear vision is potentially one of the biggest joys of life. Ditching glasses and contact lenses can help you see the world in a whole new way and be literally life-changing. We therefore believe in doing everything we can to make high-quality Laser Eye Surgery an option for all. And with our surgeons able to treat around 98% of the patients we see and our affordable finance options, we think we’re going a long way to making that happen.

Paying for Laser Eye Surgery is not always as simple as it could be. High street providers have the tendency to advertise cost-cutting deals and time-sensitive promotions to lure people through the door, only for them to find the cost is not for their prescription and doesn’t include wavefront analysis or aftercare. At London Vision Clinic, there are no hidden fees – everything is included and what you see is what you pay.

Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

Interest-FREE finance available over THREE years, from £82 per month for both eyes, makes the best more flexible. Find out more.

We require a deposit at the time of booking the procedure which will either be refunded if you are found to be ineligible for surgery or be used towards the cost of your treatment. We’ve compiled several of the most frequently asked pricing questions to help you navigate the sea of Laser Eye Surgery pricing and feel fully equipped when choosing your clinic.

When dealing with something as important as your vision, you want to know you are putting your faith in a clinic you can trust. Find out more about our financing options and the treatments available at London Vision Clinic – get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable clinic coordinators or Book a Consultation today.