Laser Eye Surgery for Long Sightedness

For those of us that are short-sighted, it can often be tempting to wish for the other side of the coin. Surely, long-sightedness must be preferable? I wouldn’t have to worry about looking in the mirror and becoming concerned with wrinkles, spots, or the bags under my eyes – I wouldn’t be able to see them!

In my naïveté, I may also assume that long-sightedness would make it easier to block out distractions or irritating everyday situations – like being stuffed onto a tube like a sardine.

And yet, for all this day-dreaming, my common sense and knowledge of refractory errors tells me that I am wrong; I know that the grass isn’t necessarily greener and living with long-sightedness can be just as frustrating and inconvenient as short-sightedness.

After all, people with long-sightedness will often suffer with tired eyes after reading, writing or using a computer – tasks that many of us carry out every day. Squinting and straining our eyes to see better can also cause frequent headaches, and bumping into an old friend without your glasses can become quite the embarrassing encounter (“who is this blurry-faced person talking to me?”).

On second thought, long-sightedness doesn’t sound like the walk in the park I presented earlier. Encountering these situations on a daily basis doesn’t sound appealing in the least.

So, what’s the solution?

There are generally three options available to those of us with long-sightedness: glasses, contact lenses, or Laser Eye Surgery. Let’s have a quick run-down of their pros and cons…

Glasses are the easiest, and usually the cheapest to get a hold of. They can be picked up at local opticians who will determine the correct prescription for your site. However, they are also easy to lose and break and frequent visits to the opticians may become a burden (as can your glasses dropping off every time you try to do something even remotely active).

Next up: contact lenses. Following their often irritating and time-consuming application, contact lenses become a little more convenient. You can keep them in all day without a worry. Yet, in many ways, they could be considered a poorer option: they require continual maintenance, the cost can be significant, and they are not actually good for your eyes.

Finally, we come to Laser Eye Surgery. A Laser Eye Surgery procedure can rid you of the need for both glasses and contact lenses for the rest of your life. While this option may come at a higher initial cost, it can rid you of the inconvenience and life-long cost associated with other options.

In fact, when calculated over a period of twenty-to-thirty years, Laser Eye Surgery is often the most cost-effective of all three options. Furthermore, the use of contact lenses carries a much greater safety risk than these elective procedures.

The safest and most cost-effective solution for long-sightedness

Mr Glenn Carp explains how Laser Eye Surgery can treat hyperopia (long-sightedness)

Long-sightedness or hyperopia occurs when the eyeball is shorter and flatter than it should be. This abnormality causes light rays that enter the eye to focus behind rather than directly on the retina, distorting images in the near field of vision.

Working in much the same way as glasses, Laser Eye Surgery corrects this problem by altering the way light bends into the eye, moving the focal point back to the retina. However, Laser Eye Surgery does this not by applying external lenses, but by fixing the problem at its source.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to reshape the eye’s natural lens, creating effective and permanent results.

For many years, some patients were restricted from accessing Laser Eye Surgery – usually due to their prescription being too high. However, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, advances in technology and knowledge allow us to offer Laser Eye Surgery to patients with even very high prescriptions – and, importantly, provide just as effective outcomes.

At London Vision Clinic, 98 per cent of patients achieve at least 20/32 vision – including those with high prescriptions, meaning we can probably offer you a safe and cost-effective alternative to glasses and contacts for your long-sightedness.

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Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

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