On The Shoulders Of Giants

Dr Dan explains that some people – but not everyone – will require an adjustment after five or ten years.

So, what does an “adjustment” entail? Is it easier than the original procedure from the patient’s and the surgeon’s perspective?

“It is just as easy and is, actually, half of the original procedure.

“If the correction is by LASEK then we have previously created this micro-thin flap shaving of the cornea and carried out the lens changes under the flap. Ten years later we can find the shaving and re-establish the same interface – so we don’t have to create the flap again.

“It’s a lot less risk the second time around and, when you consider that the original procedure is extremely low risk anyway, there is no reason why any one should be wearing reading glasses at this point.”

Future posts on this blog will look into the actual procedure developed by Dr Dan that he explained at the congress “Presbyopia International” in Berlin.

“I was invited”, he said, “because the word is out that I have developed this very cool way of getting around presbyopia.”

But he doesn’t take all the credit.

“I am standing on the shoulders of giants – there were some very smart people ahead of me. I was the last leg of a relay race.

“I have developed something with my colleagues here at the London Vision Clinic, where we can painlessly and practically effortlessly get people to see both distance and near in surgery which takes twelve minutes and heals in three hours … and you are able to read the menu that evening.”

Image Source: wordpress.com