The Impatient Patient

The length of time that passes between the first seed of interest in Laser Eye Surgery being sewn and  the signing of the consent forms for the actual operation varies considerably from patient to patient.

I am an impetuous and spontaneous type of person. However, as a true Libran it can take me ages to make up my mind; but, once the decision has been taken, I want to act on it straight away.

It was the same with my presbyopia correction. As soon as I had switched off the microphone after interviewing Dr Dan on the subject for my radio show, I knew that I wanted to have the procedure and I wanted it done as soon as possible …

‘In fact’, I thought as I untangled my reading glasses from the headphone cable for the umpteenth time, ‘ yesterday wouldn’t be soon enough!’

I remember being rather disappointed that there was a waiting list and many (but, obviously very necessary) tests to undergo first to ensure that I was a suitable candidate.

So, depending on waiting lists and the availability of appointments, impatient patients such as me might  expect to wait a matter of weeks;  whereas, I imagine, a waiting time of several months would be a more usual time table.

However, there are exceptions on either side of the planning spectrum. Recently I spoke to a London Vision Clinic patient at the complete opposite end of it. Menir Ahmed, a banker working in Bahrain, chose to wait ten long years before his liberating operation.