Using Research To Choose Your Laser Eye Surgery Provider

“The post-op care is second to none and whoever decides they want treatment here, you will not be disappointed. I wish I had gone and had it done sooner!” -Angela It is not uncommon for many of our patients to be led, driven, or guided to us through months (or even years!) of extensive research. This is sometimes in the form of talking to friends. Other times it is over the course of many long nights in front of the computer. Sometimes research is even conducted through a slow and lengthy trial and error via multiple consultations. Regardless of how you come to us, or what your research entails, we encourage you to go through this process. In the end, your research is what is going to make you comfortable and confident with your decision.

John put a lot of time into investigating specialists, yet his research always seemed to lead him back to London Vision Clinic. They were listed time and time again as the leading professionals in vision corrective surgery, and commended generously for their exemplary treatment. John followed the information trail laid out by his research, and he was happy to realize that London Vision Clinic really was as good as he had heard. He was glad that he did not go with a “cheaper alternative” since he felt that the value and the service was worth every penny. For John, visiting the clinic continues to be a pleasure.

After an extensive amount of research, Jaqueline decided to go with London Vision Clinic for several reasons. She was pleased with the thorough examinations that each patient undergoes before being told they are eligible,as well as LoVC’s success rate, and noteable expertise in complication management. She recommends them to anyone who is interested in having their vision corrected.

Where you start and how long you spend researching is entirely up to you. In fact, we encourage you to keep asking questions until you feel like all your concerns have been adequately addressed. We just want you to know that we are here as an additional resource, should you need us. Please feel free to contact us on 020 7224 1005 to have your questions answered.