What Are Some Of The Brand Names Used For Wavefront LASIK Eye Treatment?

Mr Glenn Carp – “In terms of offering treatments to patients, nowadays we are able to treat their glasses prescriptions and on top of that we are able to treat a very small amount of refractive error, which is only managed to be measured through wavefront technology.  Wavefront error makes up about 5% of one’s vision and the idea behind it is that if we are able to measure the wavefront error with a wavefront aberrometer, we can incorporate these small refractive errors within to the spectacle correction to treat effectively more than what your glasses can do and these types of treatments are essentially known collectively as wavefront guided treatments whereby we are tackling both the actual prescriptive area as well as the residual refractive error.”

LASIK Wavefront Brand Names Explained Further…

In the UK, many clinics use other names to attempt to differentiate what is effectively the same procedure. These brand names include: UltraLASIK, UltraLASIKplus, Accu-wave LASIK, Custom LASIK, Wavefront LASIK, Zyoptix etc. Usually, these names represent the same treatment, guided by a wavefront aberrometer, and clinics usually offer it at a higher cost than conventional LASIK. In contrast, London Vision Clinic provides all of its patients LASIK guided by a wavefront aberrometer if they need it – without additional cost. In the interest of clarity, we just call it what it is, LASIK.

Mr Glenn Carp describes some of the brand names used for wavefront LASIK eye treatment.

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I had no issues with wearing lenses, and was therefore a little apprehensive about lasik blended vision to correct my myopia/presbyopia. Having had the procedure done, it was worth every penny. I’m lens free, and well adjusted after only one month post procedure. Thank you Dan et al!!– Mark Selawry

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