What Are The Approaches To Treating Cataracts?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The only way of improving the vision if one has a visually significant cataract is to replace the lens.  A small incision can be made at the edge of the cornea and instruments inserted into the eye to remove the cloudy central portion of the lens and this can be replaced by an artificial lens, which sits in the same position.  Calculations are done beforehand to determine the correct strength of the lens to be placed into the eye, so that the patient will hopefully minimize the need for glasses after the treatment.”

Treating Cataracts Explained Further…

In the early stages, the effect of cataracts can be minimised using strong glasses, but cataract surgery will be necessary soon. As cataracts cause the lens to loose its clarity the only option is to replace it using a technique known as Intra-ocular Lens where an artificial replacement is used.

Without intervention, a sufferer from cataracts will eventually find that their eyesight will deteriorate so severely that even the strongest aids will not help. Cataract surgery is often the only alternative to loss of sight.

Mr Glenn Carp discusses the approaches to treating cataracts.

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Although initially very nervous about the whole procedure, I was very impressed by the pre-op information and care, the actual procedure and the result achieved. – Julia Clarke

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What Are The Approaches To Treating Cataracts? [Video]

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  2. Julian de Lacal 09/12/2012 at 20:18

    I need a cataract operation and looking for the best I can get
    Will be looking for experiencie doctor and AT LISA 839 MP lenses
    I am aged 74 healthy and looking yung

  3. Olivia Nelson 08/05/2017 at 18:26

    I never knew that when you have cataracts often the only way to prevent sight loss is to have a treatment or surgery. It seems that if you have a problem with cataracts you would want to have the surgery as soon as possible before your vision deteriorates further. My mom has cataracts in one eye so maybe she should look into treatment before it gets too serious.

    • Bethany Kingsley 31/05/2017 at 14:51

      Hi Olivia,

      You are quite right, if a patient has a visually significant cataract, then, of course, their only option is to have cataract surgery. However, many patients can have a visually insignificant cataract for a long period of time and never have it affect their vision. In this case, we would recommend that you do not undergo an invasive procedure such as cataract surgery to correct your vision as laser eye surgery is a safer method to rid yourself of contact lenses and glasses. If you have any questions, please call us on 020 7224 1005
      London Vision Clinic

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