What Are The Steps In The LASIK Surgery?

Mr Glenn Carp – “In LASIK surgery there are two main stages.  In the first stage we curette to flatten the cornea.  This can be done through a laser or through a mechanical microkeratome.  The second phase is where we lift the flap, we apply a second laser to the bed and we do a shape change.  We then return the flap and that completes the surgery process.”

LASIK Surgery Explained Further…

At London Vision Clinic, LASIK eye surgery consists of five steps:

  • Before LASIK treatment, the dimensions and properties of the untreated eye are minutely measured using such techniques as wavefront analysis and topographical mapping and through diagnostic instruments such as a pachymeter or an Artemis Insight 100. From these measurements, we calculate the precise amount of LASIK correction.
  • During LASIK eye surgery, a precision instrument called a microkeratome creates an exceptionally thin and accurate flap of corneal tissue from the surface of the eye. The microkeratome does not completely remove the corneal flap. It remains anchored on one side – allowing a surgeon to replace it in its identical position once the LASIK procedure is complete.
  • The corneal flap is raised, and an excimer laser sculpts the bed of the cornea to match to the dimensions determined before LASIK surgery.
  • The surgeon replaces the corneal flap and, within minutes, natural forces hold the flap in place and the LASIK procedure is complete.
  • In a few hours after the LASIK procedure, the surface of the cornea starts to grow over the cut edge of the corneal flap and to seal it in position. Healing is complete within a week or so after LASIK treatment.


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The London Vision Clinic provided pre & post op care second to none. Before surgery, all questions and risks were openly discussed and addressed. I am now completely free of glasses and contacts for the first time in 25 years, Thank you Glenn Carp and LVC.– Janet Dillon

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