What Are The Advantages Of LASIK Treatment Over Other Laser Eye Surgery Procedures?

Mr Glenn Carp – “There are essentially two groups of Laser Eye Surgery treatments.  There is LASIK, which involves creating a flap in the cornea and there are surface treatments, which we know are PRK, LASIK, Epi-LASIK etc.  The main difference between the groups is the healing time. The results themselves are pretty much the same three months down the line but it is how you travel, how your journey is in the interim that makes a big difference and LASIK offers a very quick healing time.  Generally patients within three to four hours are pretty much healed, certainly overnight.  Whereas in the surface group it takes at least a week on average before the vision starts to really improve.  There will be an initial big improvement but the last bit of fine tuning of the vision settling down certainly takes one to two weeks.”

Advantages Of LASIK Explained Further…

Compared to PRK or LASEK, LASIK healing times are significantly shorter, with LASIK patients typically returning to work and leisure activities within two or three days of their LASIK treatment.

Vision improvement after LASIK eye surgery is virtually instantaneous, and it is perfectly safe and routine to treat both eyes using LASIK surgery on the same day.

Over 93 percent of LASIK patients meet the UK required standard for driving without glasses, although for some LASIK patients – particularly those with high prescriptions – glasses or contact lenses may still be required for some activities.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about the advantages of LASIK treatment over other Laser Eye Surgery procedures.

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I was so amazed from the moment after surgery. To read a newspaper or menu without fumbling for glasses is a treat. The disadvantage, is being able to see the wrinkles and blemishes on one’s face.– Lynn Gibson

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