5 Things you can now do after Laser Eye Surgery

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When you have good eyesight, it’s easy to take many of the everyday pleasures in life for granted: having a trouble-free shower, reading menus and text messages, rolling around with the kids, waking up and knowing where you are.

You’d think having first to perform a fiddly ritual of putting your contacts in or finding your glasses would make you appreciate these things more. But they don’t. In fact, they make you infinitely more stressed than you ever would have been without them.

To truly appreciate the miracle of eyesight and all it has to offer, there’s simply no better way than going from limited vision to 20:20 or better after having Laser Eye Surgery. There’s a whole new perspective and world beyond glasses and contact lenses, and it can be opened up in a matter of minutes with an incredibly simple, safe and effective treatment.

Here are five things that can be experienced and enjoyed in a way that wasn’t possible until having Laser Eye Surgery.

1. Watersports

With nearly three-quarters of the Earth being covered in water, it would be a shame not to experience our vast oceans, rivers, and lakes in all their mysterious glory.

But the sad fact is water and poor eyesight don’t mix. Not only is it dangerous, but you also need clear, high-quality vision to be able to appreciate the subaqueous world fully. After Laser Eye Surgery, sports like scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, and surfing — things everyone should try at least once in their life — can all be enjoyed without restriction.

2. Exercise

Although Laser Eye Surgery does open you up to some of the most extreme and extraordinary experiences in life, arguably its most life-changing effects are in how it affects the everyday.

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A perfect example of which is in how it enables you to exercise without worrying about losing a contact or your glasses flying off your face. Or having to remember to take either of them to the gym. Or having the weather dictate when you can work out. The list goes on…

3. Cooking

Cooking is another one of those day-to-day activities affected by poor eyesight and made even worse by irritating vision correction equipment.

To truly enjoy cooking, you need to be free from stresses and interruptions like your glasses constantly steaming up. After Laser Eye Surgery, there’s no more foggy vision, misreading recipes, and glasses-on-glasses-off; you’re simply free to cook and use the activity to unwind after a long day.

4. Extreme sports

Sports like mountain biking, skydiving, rock climbing, base jumping, and hiking — things that either require specialist equipment or unhindered eyesight — are well and truly back on the cards after having Laser Eye Surgery.

In fact, for many people, they’re the reason why they have the treatment in the first place. The key questions here being why should you let your eyesight prevent you from experiencing some of the greatest thrills in life?

5. Wearing makeup

You can’t wear glasses and put makeup on properly; it’s a fact. You can’t even switch from contacts to glasses to rock the look you want, in fear your eyelashes will brush up against the lenses, or you’ll be left with rim mark on your cheeks.

Not to mention the added inconvenience that the glass in your frames make dark circles under the eyes appear worse. Thankfully the solution is simple: get rid of your poor vision with Laser Eye Surgery, and you get rid of all the problems altogether.

Dr Tim Archer
Dr Tim Archer

Dr Timothy Archer graduated from Oxford and Cambridge Universities with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. He joined the clinic in 2003, where he established his career specialising in laser refractive surgery research alongside Professor Reinstein. Today, he manages the in-house research team, of which achievements include 124 peer-reviewed papers, 32 book chapters, over 100 scientific articles and a published textbook. He also oversees and edits the content on London Vision Clinic’s website.

5 Things you can now do after Laser Eye Surgery

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