Questions About Prices and Payment at London Vision Clinic

When deciding whether to have Laser Eye Surgery or which clinic to go with, costs inevitably play a huge role. After all, quality treatment doesn’t come cheap so you want to ensure you make the right choice. But even when the cost of your treatment is finalised, you will likely still have some important questions to consider. Questions like, “Can I finance the cost of my treatment?” or “What happens to my deposit if I decide against Laser Eye Surgery?“.

Well, stick around, because in this article, we’ll be answering these questions – and more! – to help you be as informed as possible about every aspect of paying for your Laser Eye Surgery treatment.

What does the price of Laser Eye Surgery include?

Let’s kick off with one of the most important things to consider when comparing Laser Eye Surgery providers: What’s included?

It might be fair to assume that the prices you receive from different clinics are for the same treatment. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. This can make it more difficult to compare prices from different providers. So, we’ve put together this list of all the things you should consider when working out the cost of treatment at different clinics:

  • Cost per eye – Some providers quote a cost for treatment “per eye”. Of course, the majority of patients will require treatment on both eyes.
  • Cost of consultation – Does your chosen clinic charge an additional fee for your initial consultation?
  • Cost of follow-up appointments – Some clinics will charge an additional fee per follow-up appointment after your surgery. It is important to attend these appointments to ensure your recovery is going as planned.
  • Cost of different procedures – Most clinics’ advertised prices only refer to treatment of a certain range of prescriptions using the most common Laser Eye Surgery procedure.

Unfortunately, many of these items are considered an “additional extra” by many Laser Eye Surgery providers. This could leave you faced with surprise costs throughout your treatment and recovery.

What’s included in treatment fees at London Vision Clinic?

As explained in the video below, the cost of Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic includes treatment for both of your eyes, all of your pre-operative and post-operative appointments, and aftercare (including eye drops) up to a year following your treatment.

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At London Vision Clinic, Laser Eye Surgery fees include:

What’s not included in the price of Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic?

While we provide a more comprehensive, price-inclusive treatment package than many other providers, some things won’t be included in the cost of your treatment. This includes:

  • Any external appointments with other consultants before treatment;
  • Additional tests that are recommended based on the health of your eyes;
  • Transport to and from the clinic;
  • Accommodation if you have to travel for treatment;

In rare instances, we may refer you to off-site examinations or tests (retinal examinations, orthoptist fees, post-operative optometric exams carried out elsewhere, professional opinions, treatments etc). These fees are not included in the treatment fee and are payable to the healthcare professional carrying out the service.

Will I Need to Pay a Deposit for Laser Eye Surgery?

Most Laser Eye Surgery providers require a deposit when booking your initial appointment. This can vary in price. For example, at London Vision Clinic, a £500 deposit is required when making your appointment. This is then taken off the cost of your treatment. Of course, things don’t always go to plan, so what happens to your deposit in this case?

What happens to my deposit if I decide against surgery?

If for some reason you decide not to go ahead with Laser Eye Surgery, your deposit may be fully or partially refundable. For example, if you have not had the ophthalmic examination (a comprehensive appointment at the clinic), your deposit will be 100% refundable.

Furthermore, if you have attended the ophthalmic appointment and decide against Laser Eye Surgery, then 50% of your deposit is refundable.

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As explained in the video above, if you are found unsuitable for treatment at any point during the process, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Can I Finance the Cost of the Deposit?

It is possible to finance the cost of your deposit; however, we are required to take the deposit in full at the time of your booking the appointment.

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Once you have been found suitable for treatment and your application has been submitted, we can apply the deposit amount to your finance plan and refund the amount to the card you used to pay.

What about the Treatment Fee?

At London Vision Clinic, we will always be completely transparent about the cost of your treatment. As mentioned above, your quoted fee will include all standard pre- and post-operative appointments, aftercare, and enhancement procedures within one year, should you need them.

Wavefront-guided treatment is applied as standard; however, in some cases, patients may require high-profile treatments. This is usually the case if you have a very high prescription. This will be made clear to you before you go ahead with your treatment.

Can I Finance The Treatment Fee?

We understand that Laser Eye Surgery is a big investment. That’s why we offer flexible finance options – to make the treatment as accessible as possible. This means you could access our high standards of treatment, service, and aftercare from as little as £132 per month!

To find out more about our financing options, click here.

If I don’t finance the cost of Laser Eye Surgery, how else can I pay?

If you decide not to pay for your treatment through a finance arrangement, then there are other options available. In these cases, All Laser Eye Surgery fees will be payable in advance.

We accept payment through the following payment methods: cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, direct debit, cheque, bank draft, and money order.

Will my health insurance pay for Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery is an elective procedure. Unfortunately, this means it is extremely unlikely that your health insurance provider will cover it. Of course, every policy is different so it is worth consulting with your provider.

For more information about health insurance and Laser Eye Surgery, click here.

If you have any further questions about the costs associated with Laser Eye Surgery, get in touch today – one of our friendly clinic coordinators will be happy to help! Alternatively, Book your initial consultation today to start your journey to clear, glasses-free vision.

Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

Interest-FREE finance available over THREE years, from £82 per month for both eyes, makes the best more flexible. Find out more.