Common Questions About Our Laser Eye Fees

What Does The Laser Eye Surgery Price Include?

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At London Vision Clinic, all laser eye surgery fees include:

  • Initial screening.
  • Wavefront analysis.
  • Ophthalmic exam.
  • Wavefront-guided treatment (if applicable).
  • Contact lens trials (if applicable).
  • Interim glasses required between High Profile treatments.
  • VHF Artemis Insight 100 VHFU Examinations (if applicable).
  • Post-operative visits (standard regime).
  • Supplemental exams carried out within a year of treatment.
  • 24-hour access to the surgeon by mobile phone.
  • All post-operative medications.
  • Any necessary enhancements within a year of treatment.

What Does The Price Not Include?

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The LASIK price does not include transportation, accommodation, or off-site fees that may be necessary to ensure your safety during or after the procedure. In rare instances, we may refer you to off-site examinations or tests (retinal examinations, orthoptist fees, post-operative optometric exams carried out elsewhere, professional opinions, treatments etc). These fees are not included in the treatment fee, and are payable to the health care professional carrying out the service.

What Happens To My Deposit If I Decide Against Surgery?

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If you make a deposit and decide against the surgery, the deposit is entirely refundable if you have not had the ophthalmic examination. If you make a deposit and have had the ophthalmic examination, then 50% deposit is refundable (£250).

What Happens To My Deposit If You Find Me Unsuitable For Surgery?

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In the unlikely event that we find you unsuitable after the initial screening, we will refund your deposit in full.

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Can I Finance The Treatment Fee?

Interest free financing schemes are available for 12 and 24 months. Below is an example of monthly instalments for standard LASIK  or ReLEx treatment, amounting to a total fee of £4,900.

12 months24 months
Including deposit of £500£400 per month£204 per month
Excluding deposit of £500£358.33 per month£179.17 per month

Can I Finance The Deposit?

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Yes, you may finance the deposit. If you would like to find out more about this topic you can also click here and read a relating blog post.

If I Do Not Finance The Fees, How Else Can I Pay?

If financing is not elected or approved, then all laser eye surgery fees are payable in advance and can be either cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, direct debit, cheque, bank draft, money order.

Will My Health Insurance Pay For This Surgery?

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No, insurance companies typically do not pay for laser eye surgery.

Dr Tim Archer
Dr Tim Archer

Dr Timothy Archer graduated from Oxford and Cambridge Universities with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. He joined the clinic in 2003, where he established his career specialising in laser refractive surgery research alongside Professor Reinstein. Today, he manages the in-house research team, of which achievements include 124 peer-reviewed papers, 32 book chapters, over 100 scientific articles and a published textbook. He also oversees and edits the content on London Vision Clinic’s website.

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