Blurry, hazy & foggy. Not a hangover, but your vision in the morning

Dragging your body as if someone snuck in during the night and pumped it full of lead, you stumble to the bathroom and turn on the light.

You stop, groaning and wincing from its harsh glow, and make your way to the seat — being careful to avoid any reflective surfaces (not that you could see anyway). Just like the famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’, you prepare to sit and contemplate some of life’s biggest questions.

So, who am I? And where am I? What time and day is it?? Bathroom, Jane, 7:30, and… ermm, okay — that last one’s not important.

Identity crisis averted and an albeit temporary sense of balance restored, you make a move before any more probing questions arise. No headache, you notice, which is good. But the blurry vision is a nightmare — you can barely see to navigate toys and pets or have a decent look at yourself in the mirror.

Count yourself lucky if you recognise this as the beginning of a hangover. Likely you’re young, have great vision, and are not yet beaten down by life. If you’re familiar with impaired vision and have a few years on you, you’ll know this is just the start of a typical sober day as a glasses or contacts wearer.

How poor vision shapes your day

You don’t need to listen to any self-help gurus or tune into Oprah to know the first few moments of your day can greatly affect how the rest of it pans out.

And when you spend a good part of your morning in an aggressive fog, from the moment you open your eyes until you finally find your specs or get those contacts in, well, let’s just say you’ve got to work hard to make up for it and make it a good day.

Contrast that to waking up with sharp and clear vision. Imagine rolling over and opening your eyes to see a perfectly crisp image. Within seconds you’d be awake and in a frame of mind in which you feel instantly ready to face the day — well, as soon as you head out for a run or go to Yoga.

All that time and energy once lost to faffing around with visual aids would once again be yours. And as you no longer have any restrictions on exercise or activities, you’re free to start each day not with the symptoms of a hangover, but in whichever way you please.

Don’t let your day be shaped by poor vision. Find out how you can live glasses and contacts free by contacting one of our Patient Care Coordinators today.