Can I cancel on the day if I’m too nervous?


For some people, nerves are a big part of their Laser Eye Surgery journey.

In fact, as the number one reason people decide not to have Laser Eye Surgery, nerves can be their only experience with the idea and the single determining factor between a life of greater vision and a life stuck with inferior glasses or contacts.

Coming across a comment in an online forum, dragging up an old horror story headline from the tabloids, reading about an unlikely event which occurred in a distant country; it only takes one opinion or piece of misleading information to turn someone off Laser Eye Surgery before even picking up the phone and calling a clinic.

All this changes as soon as a patient speaks with a Laser Eye Surgery expert and begins their own personal journey to greater vision. Away from the noise of the internet and the media, patients access nothing but the cold hard facts, quickly gathering knowledge, dispelling any irrational fears, and soon waving goodbye to any trace of nerves.

This means that it is very unlikely a patient wants to cancel on the day of their Laser Eye Surgery due to excess nerves. There’s no need to worry though — if you do decide you can not go through with the surgery, there is always the option to cancel. 

Before the surgery, you will have more than likely paid a deposit to the clinic — a certain percentage of the total cost of the surgery. This amount will vary among Laser Eye Surgery clinics and providers but is generally non-refundable and used to cover the costs involved with screening and preparation, along with the loss of surgery time in the case of cancellation.

Here at London Vision Clinic on Harley Street, we ask for an initial investment of £500 to be paid upfront at the start of your Laser Eye Surgery journey.

As well as acting as the deposit in case of a cancellation, this is used to cover the tests and assessments of the initial screening, ophthalmic examination, and wavefront analysis — all of which make up what will no doubt be the most comprehensive eye exam you’ve ever had.

So whether you’re just starting to do your research on Laser Eye Surgery or the day of your procedure is quickly approaching, there’s no need to keep your nerves tightly bound up. Speak to a friendly Laser Eye Surgery expert to help straighten out any concerns you have and make sure a few nerves don’t get in the way of what many patients claim to be the greatest thing they’ve ever done!

If you’d like to book a consultation with us, or find out more about current Laser Eye Surgery Technology, leave us a comment or give us a call us on 020 7224 1005.