Advertised Laser Eye Surgery Prices Often Vary From Actual Prices

We’ve noticed that one of the most popular pages on our website is about Laser Eye Surgery costs. So, we’ve decided to conduct a comparison of fees that range across the Laser Eye Surgery providers to provide some context about this subject.

After a little research we can conclude that Laser Eye Surgery pricing may be creating some confusion for consumers interested in the procedure.

Average Prices vs Advertised Prices

One of the strangest results we discovered after our Laser Eye Surgery cost research is the difference between average prices that were actually paid versus the prices that were advertised.

A database of what patients pay for Laser Eye Surgery across clinics does not exist. However, the consumer forum does ask patients to share the price they paid when they submit a review. While there may be some errors in this data, we can safely assume that they would be fairly distributed across clinics. So, from a relative perspective, we can compare what patients say they paid versus the prices advertised by clinics.

The results are odd, to say the least. As the chart below shows, there are significant differences between what people report paying versus what a clinic advertises.

Laser eye surgery prices - average paid v advertised
Laser eye surgery prices – average paid vs advertised

Warning: Many clinics attract patients with low basic Laser Eye Surgery prices, but then reveal that certain tests or procedures carry extra costs. These costs can mount up fast. As you can see from the above chart, we prefer to advertise the real price the most people pay at our Clinic – no surprises.

We are happy, but not surprised, to see that patients of London Vision Clinic reported that they paid an average of only 1.8% above our advertised price (the smallest difference in the sample). This is consistent with our “no surprises” pricing policy.

We have compiled a range of our most frequently asked Laser Eye Surgery pricing questions so that you will be fully equipped when making the final decision as to where to go for your laser eye treatment.

One reason for the slight discrepancy could be because the London Vision Clinic offers many patients high-profile Laser Eye Surgery, because their prescriptions are significantly higher than the norm. In one case (Optical Express), however, a typical patient paid almost 8% more than what was advertised.

The following chart clearly shows the differences and similarities between advertised price and actual price paid very clearly.

Percent Differences - average paid v advertised prices
Percent Differences – average paid vs advertised prices

There are several reasons why this might be. First, we compared the most expensive price that clinics advertise because this is usually the best procedure being offered to patients. Of course, for various reasons, many people pay less than what was advertised.

  • One reason could be that many patients are not opting for the most expensive (and arguably best) procedure offered at other clinics. If this is true, it’s unfortunate that people are prepared to cut costs on such an important medical procedure. Fortunately, we will never put our patients in a position where they feel compelled to negotiate the quality of their medical care in proportion to what they can afford.
  • Another reason could be that these clinics are currently advertising higher prices than patients paid in the past (e.g. maybe they have recently raised their prices?).

We believe that it may be a combination of the two.

This information published in this post was correct on the date this article was first published. Advertised and actual prices paid may, and most likely will, change in the future. As always, it’s best to check with the source.


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