Cost Involved With Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic

“I was treated like a celebrity!” -Sharron

It is no secret that London Vision Clinic is not the cheapest option for vision correction. 4% of the people we asked over the last 6 months have said that cost is one of the biggest factors influencing their decision about whether to have Laser Eye Surgery. Therfefore we believe that it is really important that we communicate that we are 100% committed to working with you, to set up a payment plan, and discuss your options. We want patients to walk away feeling like the service that they were provided with went above and beyond their expectations. We want no regrets and only world-class results. If you are grappling with the cost of the clinic, think about the long term rewards. Below we’ve relayed some personal accounts for your benefit. We think that you’ll find that it is more about what you are getting for your money, than how much you are spending.

Sunil appreciated the transparency of the surgeons and felt like she was being provided with only honest, unbiased information. Sunil went from a prescription of -9.00 in each eye, to better than 20/20 in a matter of minutes-instant and painless results, as she called it. She said the service was of a five star quality and worthy of every cent for her eyes.

Richard felt that the financial expense of the procedure should come second to the quality of his surgeon. He does, after all, have only one pair of eyes. It helped his decision making process that he was not treated like a cash-cow; at no point did he feel as if he was under pressure to purchase a product. He felt very comfortable, and this was only increased by the fact that he dealt directly with Mr. Carp himself. In the end, the attention to detail and his needs were worth every penny. Richard went from having a debilitating astigmatism and a lazy eye to not even needing glasses. Now that he sees the world a lot clearer, he doesn’t understand how he put with glasses for such a long time!

If you are grappling with the idea of Laser Eye Surgery, but convinced that you cannot possibly afford it, consider giving us a call on 0207 224 1005. We are more than happy to work with you, and we are confident that you will be happy with the end result.