What is IntraLase, and is it Better Than Conventional Laser Eye Surgery?

With so many different treatment types, brand names, and abbreviations, diving further and further into Laser Eye Surgery can often make you feel like you’re going backwards.

Once you think you have one thing figured out, you uncover something else that confuses you again, or a clinic introduces a new cutting-edge technology that you just need to know about.

One of these terms is IntraLase. Unlike many, however, IntraLase represents one of the most significant leaps in Laser Eye Surgery since the introduction of LASIK back in the 90s.

This is because IntraLase is one of the most well-known product names for a femtosecond laser — the technology that transformed Laser Eye Surgery into a worldwide success.

Back in the day, Laser Eye Surgery was performed with help from a microkeratome. This precision surgical instrument features an oscillating blade that was used to create the small flap in the cornea, so the tissue underneath could be reshaped.

Any procedures post the phasing out of this procedure and the introduction of the femtosecond laser thus became known as “bladeless” or “blade-free”. Thanks to this technology, today Laser Eye Surgery is much more precise and much safer, and therefore involves a much lower risk of complications.

IntraLase Vs. Traditional LASIK

In the video above, Mr Glenn Carp explains how what IntraLase is and how the femtosecond laser works.

As Mr Carp explains, IntraLase is the terminology given to one of the femtosecond lasers used to create a flap in the cornea. There are approximately six different types of femtosecond lasers in the world today, and IntraLase is the name of one of them.

Instead of making a cut in the eye to create the flap, as you would with a microkeratome, femtosecond lasers create a bubble at a programmed depth within the cornea. These little bubbles indirectly separate the tissue, allowing the surgeon to carefully dissect through the bubble layer, separating the tissue, and then allowing them to reflect the flap.  In this way, IntraLase is simply an advanced laser cutting device, which is used in most clinics today.

This means that, at all good clinics, the femtosecond laser has become the new standard LASIK. If you’re looking for Intralase specifically, it is the product name used by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) for their femtosecond laser microkeratome.

However, as well as AMO Intralase, Carl Zeiss VisuMax, and Ziemer FEMTO LDV are the leading manufacturers of this technology. Such manufacturers claim the adoption of these lasers can reduce complications and increase the accuracy of results — something that is clear to see in patient outcomes.

As they offer such an increase in efficacy and safety, it goes without saying that femtosecond treatments are the standard at the London Vision Clinic.

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