Myths and Questions About Laser Eye Surgery – Explained

When it comes to Laser Eye Surgery, most people start the process with a huge number of questions and concerns – many of which are unfortunately fuelled by long-standing myths. These myths often lead to misinformation and needless worry and anxiety. Here at London Vision Clinic, we want to debunk these myths and give you all the right information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment.

so, let’s start by debunking some common myths and misconceptions about Laser Eye Surgery. From there, we’re sure we will be able to swiftly answer any remaining questions you have and, hopefully, put those concerns to bed once and for all!

Common Myths of Laser Eye Surgery

You can’t close your eyes during surgery

Many of our patients come to us with concerns that they will have to keep their eyes open throughout the entire Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Some also worry about the potential consequences of closing their eyes, sneezing, or even falling out of their chair. But, don’t worry!

You can blink as much as you like throughout your Laser Eye Surgery procedure – or at least, as much as makes you comfortable! At London Vision Clinic, we use the highest standard of technology – including cutting-edge eye-tracking technology. This tech takes 500-1000 photographs of your eye every second, allowing our lasers to quickly adjust to any movement. The result? You can blink, cough, sneeze – and anything else you can think of – as much as you need to!

Laser Eye Surgery is painful

Understandably, this is one of the biggest worries of patients heading into Laser Eye Surgery. Luckily, this myth is easily debunked. The truth is, Laser Eye Surgery is completely pain-free. In fact, many of our patients hardly feel a thing!

Thanks to the incredible advancement of Laser Eye Surgery technology in recent years, vision improvement procedures are now less invasive than ever before. This brings us to another misconception about the laser used in vision correction procedures, namely, that it is hot. While we might all have vague memories of Bond villains using evil-looking lasers as weapons, you can rest assured that the ones used in Laser Eye Surgery are nothing like that. In reality, the lasers used in Laser Eye Surgery are cold. So, no need to worry about getting burnt!

There is a high risk of going blind

Another major worry you might have when considering Laser Eye Surgery is the risk of blindness. This is completely understandable. Our eyesight is one of the most precious things we have – and that’s why we take such good care of it here at London Vision Clinic.

Our Harley Street clinic is home to some of the most experienced Laser Eye surgeons in the world, using the best technology available. While there is technically an exceedingly small risk of blindness with Laser Eye Surgery, this is lower than the risk of blindness caused by wearing monthly contact lenses for one year.

Today, the chances of something going noticeably wrong as a result of Laser Eye Surgery are down to around 1 in 1,000. Furthermore, our expert surgeons are usually able to correct these errors right away. In fact, the risk of encountering an error that the surgeon may not be able to effectively resolve straight away falls to 1 in 30,000!

Laser Eye Surgery can’t treat high prescriptions

A commonly circulated myth is that people with a high prescription are not suitable for Laser Eye Surgery. While this may have been true at one time, developments in technology and understanding now mean that the vast majority of patients are suitable for treatment. This is particularly true at London Vision Clinic, where 98% of the people we see can discover improved vision – even those with very high prescriptions!

The results of Laser Eye Surgery aren’t permanent

Laser Eye Surgery creates a fundamental structural change in your eye. This means that, not only will you see an immediate improvement in your vision; but this improvement will be permanent. The procedure involves removing corneal tissue to reshape the eye. Once this tissue has been removed, it is gone forever! As a result, you could enjoy clear vision for years to come.

But, that isn’t to say your vision will always be perfect. Changes to our vision as we age – known as presbyopia – can leave many of us in need of reading glasses. There is, however, a solution. Discover the potential of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary procedure that allows you to enjoy youthful eyes for many more years, if not forever.


Still have some questions?

By this point, we hope we have debunked most of the myths surrounding Laser Eye Surgery and gone a long way toward putting your mind at ease. If you still have some niggling questions regarding your treatment, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below:

How long does treatment take?

One of the most impressive things about Laser Eye Surgery is the speed of the procedure. In the majority of cases, our surgeons are able to complete your treatment in just a matter of minutes!

How long will it take for my eyes to heal?

Your recovery time will depend on a number of things, including the health of your eyes and the type of treatment you have had. For example, most patients who have had ReLEx SMILE are able to head back to work the very next day! In the cases of LASIK and LASEK, recovery times tend to be a little longer; however, many patients are experiencing near-optimum results in a matter of days.

Are there any long-term side effects?

While many patients experience mild side effects in the days and weeks following their treatment (including glare, blurriness and discomfort) they are generally short-lived. In fact, with nearly 30 years of regular practice all over the world, a significant body of knowledge has accumulated and no long-term side effects have ever been reported.

Can I have both eyes treated on the same day?

As we mentioned earlier, Laser Eye Surgery treatment can be completed in just a matter of minutes. The speed of Laser Eye Surgery is partly due to the fact that both eyes can be effectively treated on the same day, during the same procedure. In fact, it is generally advised that you have both eyes treated on the same day. This cuts down on recovery time and means you only need to disrupt your schedule once!

Am I too old/young for Laser Eye Surgery?

While the majority of patients that come to us at London Vision Clinic are eligible for Laser Eye Surgery, it is true that your age can impact your suitability for treatment. This is most commonly due to having an unstable prescription. For example, our vision doesn’t tend to stabilise completely until we are older than 18. This can vary from person to person and will be determined during the consultation process.

How much does Laser Eye Surgery cost?

One of the most pressing concerns for people considering Laser Eye Surgery is the immediate cost. We maintain that your vision is not the place to cut corners. Furthermore, it is important to look at the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in relative terms; that is, the value of clear vision, as well as permanently ridding yourself of the cost of glasses and contact lenses.

Nonetheless, Laser Eye Surgery can be a significant expense. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans, making vision correction an option for more people than ever.

Have any burning questions about Laser Eye Surgery that we have missed? Get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators or Book a Consultation today.

Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

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