How An Independent Laser Eye Surgery Clinic Differs From A Chain

Whilst some of the big high street Laser Eye Surgery chains have suffered with bad press and declining patient numbers recently, high-end independent clinics like London Vision Clinic have gone from strength to strength.

There are many differences that set independent clinics apart from chains, here are some of the biggest:

Patients Are Treated As VIPs, Not Just Numbers.

Unlike the big chains, independent Laser Eye Surgery clinics don’t need to treat tens of thousands of patients every year just to stay in business. This means that those who choose an independent clinic are treated as individuals, by clinicians who go to great lengths to ensure a positive experience.

Independent Clinics Are Run By Surgeons, Not By Sales People.

Whilst some Laser Eye Surgery clinics are run by business people and sales people, most independent clinics are run by the surgeons who carry out the treatments. This means that the whole ethos of the company is centred on patient care and outcomes, rather than hitting sales targets.

The People Who Work There, Love Working There.

Independent clinics usually have a small, tightly knit team of highly trained and experienced clinicians. Being free from the pressures and high patient turnover of a high street chain, they tend to be more relaxed and have time to spend with each and every patient.

No High-Pressure Sales And Marketing Techniques.

The quality of their treatments and exceptional level of care provided by independent Laser Eye Surgery clinics is the only sales tool they really need. A majority of people who choose an independent clinic do so after having been referred by a medical professional or a friend, colleague or family member who has had a fantastic experience.

You Get What You Pay For.

Think about it. Would you really trust your eyes to a discount chain offering rock bottom prices or buy one, get one free on Laser Eye Surgery? While we can’t speak for all clinics, in general when Laser Eye Surgery seems cheap, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask what is being cut out of the process to make it cheaper.

To experience the difference for yourself, give us a call or book a consultation at London Vision Clinic today.