How are Independent Laser Eye Surgery Clinics Different to Chains?

In the decades since Laser Eye Surgery first began to be rolled out to the masses, a huge number of chains have popped up on high streets all over the country. These high street providers often promise to offer the same treatment at a fraction of the price of independent clinics; however, many patients are surprised to learn just how different their treatments can be, from their initial consultation right through to their aftercare.

These differences are often highlighted by the press and by patients themselves. But how different can independent clinics really be from the high street providers? Well, let’s take a look at some of the most significant differences…

Patients are treated as VIPs, not numbers…

When it comes to something as important as our health, we want to know we are getting the best, most thorough care possible. At London Vision Clinic, we don’t treat thousands of people every year to stay in business; instead, we treat much smaller numbers, allowing us to spend more time with each patient and do everything we can to make you feel like a VIP.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help with any concerns or queries. So, whether our clinic coordinators are helping you organise your journeys to and from the clinic or our expert surgeons are explaining your personalised treatment plan, you’ll never feel like just another number.

We are run by expert surgeons, not salespeople…

London Vision Clinic was established in 2002 by world-renowned Laser Eye Surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein. Having contributed extensively to the development of new treatment techniques (which have helped to make the procedure accessible to more people than ever before), Prof. Reinstein is regarded as one of the most experienced surgeons in his field.

Today, Professor Dan heads up our highly skilled team of surgeons and ophthalmologists to provide the best treatment to our patients. As such, you can rest assured that you are in the trusted hands of experts.

We don’t use high-pressure sales and marketing techniques…

In many cases, high-street providers rely on large patient numbers. Unfortunately, this can mean resorting to high-pressure or even misleading sales tactics to get people through the doors. We believe that such approaches are highly inappropriate when consulting on a medical procedure.

High-quality clinics should never make you feel pressured into making a decision. We will always strive to provide as much information and support as you need to make an informed choice regarding your treatment – which may even involve recommending against it. The majority of our patients reach out to us after being referred by a medical professional or a friend/family member who has had an excellent experience.

You get what you pay for

Laser Eye Surgery at independent clinics will inevitably cost more than with a high-street chain; however, there are very good reasons for this. Of course, you will have access to the best surgeons in the industry as well as the best technology and the newest treatments.

At London Vision Clinic, we are among the first clinics in the UK to roll out the latest developments in Laser Eye Surgery. Our founder and medical director, Professor Dan Reinstein even helped to develop some of the most innovative technology and techniques used in the industry today, including ReLEx SMILE and PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

Everything is included – no hidden costs!

As we have already mentioned, treatment fees at independent clinics tend to be higher than those at high-street chains; however, the difference may not end up being as extreme as you might think. This is because the best clinics include all costs in the quoted fee. In contrast, cheaper providers often use misleading campaigns to get you through the door, only to surprise you with added fees further down the line.

For example, at London Vision Clinic, we provide a price for treatment on both eyes (unlike “per eye” pricing structures adopted by some providers). This price includes all of your consultation appointments, the treatment itself, and all aftercare appointments and medications you may require (such as painkillers and eye drops). We even include an enhancement procedure should we feel that you could achieve better results after your initial treatment! We also include wavefront as standard – a feature that many providers will include at an additional cost.

Some clinics may quote a price that seems too good to be true – and that is probably because it is. For example, small print at Optical Express indicates that only 23.4% of individual eyes are eligible for treatment at the advertised price – in other words, only patients with the simplest prescriptions.

Do your research to ensure you get the best treatment

While it can be easy to assume that the only difference between a high street and independent Laser Eye Surgery provider is the cost – this couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter which option you decide to go with, your chosen clinic should be able to provide you with all the information you need relating to your treatment and their results with patients with a similar prescription to yours.

Always be sure to do your own research and be prepared with some key questions to ask at your initial screening appointment.  This can make it much easier to make an informed decision about which clinic is the best option for you.

For more information about our treatments at London Vision Clinic, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators or Book a Consultation today.