London Vision Clinic – The Listening Eye Clinic

Clinic Coordinator – planning patient after care appointments

There are probably hundreds of reasons why the London Vision Clinic is different – to be honest, I have never bothered to count them. In addition to being rather time consuming, it could also be seen as indulgently self congratulatory.

Instead of going around patting itself on the back, the clinic’s unofficial policy is not to over analyse the issues and procedures that make it the best; instead the team is constantly striving towards further ongoing improvement.

That said, from time to time, some little (or large) special experience leaps out and, like an exuberant puppy, bites you on the nose. It will not be ignored or brushed aside and it totally deserves a public airing here in the London Vision Clinic blog.

In one word I am referring to: “Aftercare”.

The key to almost everything at the London Vision Clinic is making the patient’s needs and requirements paramount.

Obviously, not all patients want to remain linked to the London Vision Clinic after their surgery and necessary post-op check-ups, but for those who do there are numerous patient social events – like the promenade concert at the Albert Hall, the Summer BBQ and Thanksgiving party as well as a more recent group get together in London’s West End to see the Lion King musical.

Such gatherings are, as you would expect, well organised, generous and fun as well as being an opportunity to meet fellow patients and share Laser Eye Surgery experiences. However, despite the fact that members of the London Vision Clinic team are available and mingle and circulate at the annual parties, we patients would find it inappropriate to voice any concerns to them at these social, “off-duty” occasions.

To fill any possible gap in the London Vision Clinic communication system between patients and staff, patient forums were launched some time ago.  At these regular meetings, patients can – (obviously only if they choose to) give their opinion on every aspect of their Laser Eye Surgery experience.

The information gleaned from these meetings is carefully assessed and invariably leads to up-dating and improving the system. (Clearly these forums only assess non-medical experiences from the patient’s viewpoint and do not relate to any aspects of the Laser Eye Surgery itself).

Now back to the bouncing puppy or one surprising result that cannot be ignored:

It has been discovered that fourteen out of fifteen patients do not realise that they can call the London Vision Clinic at any time with any problem, question or concern.

To put it another way: only one patient in fifteen knows that experts at the London Vision Clinic are always available to their patients  – hours, days, weeks, months or even years after surgery.

You just have to pick up the phone -which is what I did …