How should you feel after your initial consultation?

From the initial consultation, you will be able to tell a lot about the clinic and how the rest of the process is going to unfold.

For instance, some clinics rush through the initial consultation, spending as little as an hour drawing up your treatment plan before sending you on your way and moving onto the next person.

Others, however, spend as long as three and a half hours with you. Not only is the experience more relaxed and friendlier, but it may also be one of the most comprehensive eye exams you’ve ever had.

Because of this disparity in quality and the fact that every clinic is no doubt different, patients can experience a range of different feelings after the initial consultation.

As it is such a life-changing procedure, these feelings often include some fear and doubt. However, overall, you should be left with a feeling that you’re in safe hands, that you understand the process, and that you are excited for what is to come.

Let’s explore some of these feelings, both the positive and not so positive, so you have a better idea of what you should be expecting.

The positive:


Deciding to have Laser Eye Surgery is about much more than getting rid of glasses or contacts.

This reality often hits people after their initial contact with a clinic, when they realize that it could actually happen—all they have to do is take the leap. Making such a shift in your thinking can be life-changing in many ways.

For instance, not only does it lead to clear, unrestricted vision for many years to come, it can also lead to a new approach in which you take your health into your own hands. This can be extremely liberating and exciting, and ultimately be a spark that ignites a chain of many more positive changes in your life.

Community spirit

In many Laser Eye Surgery clinics, there is a strong team of surgeons, researchers, coordinators, managers, and other staff that all work together to make the experience what it is.

Patients often comment on how they can instantly feel this sense of community when working with a clinic, particularly with independent and private clinics. Such a connection is there for the benefit of every individual, including the staff, so that everyone can perform at their best and enjoy the process.

The outcome is that staff feel competent and aren’t rushed, and patients feel a positive sense of security and care. Such things are hard to measure but are invaluable when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery.

The not so positive:

Fears and doubt

It’s often believed that before you can go ahead with any decision, whether it be moving to a new city, starting a new job, or having Laser Eye Surgery, you should be free of all fear and doubt.

Although such fear and doubt and discomfort can and should be minimised, say, by doing research from reliable sources, they never fully go away. And as they can be important signs that signal you are doing something meaningful or important, nor would you want them to.

Don’t be surprised or worried if some fear and doubt remain right up until the day of your surgery. These sensations are nature’s way of keeping us on our toes and helping us take calculated risks that ultimately allow us to grow. The ones who manage to welcome the fear as opposed to pushing it away or pretending it isn’t there, are the ones who go ahead and have the surgery and enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later.

Residual risk

Like any type of surgery or pretty much most things in life, Laser Eye Surgery has its risks.

Due to advanced technology and minds like Prof Dan Reinstein that have driven breakthroughs in the field, in 2020, these risks are few and mild. What’s more, if you’re working with an independent clinic with a solid track record, then you can be even more assured you’re in good hands.

That being said, it’s important not to take anyone’s word for it and to find out the risks for yourself. Laser Eye Surgery is a life-changing procedure, and so the decision is not one to be taken lightly.

As well as checking out reviews of the clinic and its surgeons on independent review websites like TrustPilot, the clinic should be open to providing you with information on their performance rates. Be careful, though, as some clinics only provide data for a subset of patients and/or prescriptions, for instance, for people with mild shortsightedness, and so sometimes the data doesn’t tell the whole story they say it does.

Whether you’re feeling ready or not, why not find out more about the Laser Eye Surgery by leaving us a comment or having a chat with one of our friendly clinic coordinators.