How to look good in your glasses?

You’ve tried to embrace them as the fashion accessory — you really have. But unlike Jennifer Aniston or Anne Hathaway, you weren’t blessed with perfectly symmetrical features. Your face doesn’t fit nicely into one of the common categories — “Square, diamond, heart, or base down triangle? More like oblong-triangle with a dash of square”— and the only style that does looks good on you went out of fashion twenty years ago.

But they’re easier and safer than contacts so you try to make them work. Still, every night you go through the same motions: ‘To match the frame colour with my eyes or my outfit? And what about my skin tone? And what to do with my hair?”

For you, it’s clear glasses are more of an affliction you’re stuck with than a nice little addition to your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, we’re not miracle workers, but there is a way you don’t ever have to worry about looking good in glasses ever again. And it doesn’t require giving in to contact lenses, risking synthetic lens implants, or walking around in a haze.

There is one compromise, however. If you want to rid yourself of temporary aids like glasses, you need to make a critical decision. No more living day to day and not planning ahead, as if one day your vision will miraculously improve or your face will change shape. Yes, okay, it may not be fair they don’t fit your wide head or stay on your narrow nose and that no style seems to suit you, but why dwell on their problems when you could be enjoying a glasses-free life?

Laser Eye Surgery is a cutting edge procedure that, unlike external lenses, permanently corrects refractive errors. The procedure lasts around five minutes, is completely pain-free, and is more cost-effective than wearing both glasses or contact lenses over a 15-20 year period.

What’s more, even better than getting rid of glasses, you’ll still have the option to rock the intellectual or demure look after having the treatment. Elton John had Laser Eye Surgery a long time ago but continues to wear a healthy collection of lurid and fanciful spectacles. Other celebs like Kim Kardashian have also had the surgery for the practicalities and flexibility of being able to take them off whenever they choose.

Why limit your look when you can open yourself up to a world of new options and opportunities? Find out what ex-glasses wearers have to say after having Laser Eye Surgery or contact us to find out more.