What does freedom from glasses really mean?

Laser Eye Surgery team member

Humans are terrible when it comes to making positive changes in their lives.

But contrary to what most people think, there’s a lot more to it than simply pizza and Netflix being easier than embracing the cold and hitting the gym; it comes down to an inbuilt physiological response in the making for thousands of years.

If we look back to see how our ancestors lived, it’s much easier to understand. Throughout human history, most of the time breaking from the norm meant danger and uncertainty, if not a loss of life.

In Palaeolithic times, when people lived more transient lives with no fixed adobes, if a person found a place to stay that was dry, warm, safe, and close to food and fuel, they were inclined to stay for as long as they could. Prolonging their survival, and, thankfully for us, the evolution of our species.

In the modern day, this translates to us slumping down on the sofa after dinner and never wanting to leave our comfy beds in the mornings. However, it also has a more worrying, wider impact on our lives such as in changing careers, moving cities, or grabbing that once in a lifetime opportunity.

And so, many of us lead a life of comfort over one of greater growth and fulfilment. This is evident in how we fail to change our old ways and habits and embrace modern technologies. A great example of which is Laser Eye Surgery, an incredible advancement in vision correction that can rid people of the burden of glasses and contact lenses and drastically improve life in a number of ways.

So, what are some of these ways I hear you ask? Well, now you’re more ready to make a change, let’s take a look at what a life free from glasses really means.

1. A life where you can reach your potential

It’s easy to forget how limiting glasses are. One of their main downsides is their unsuitability for sports and activities that involve movement and contact (that pretty much covers them all). Glasses are not only cumbersome during activity but also damage-prone and easily forgotten or lost.

This can have a big impact on not only your health but also your social life. Suddenly your daily or weekly schedule is shaped around the limitations of your glasses and not the limit of your potential. Ridding yourself of glasses can open you up to all sorts of new opportunities and activities such as rock climbing, water sports, skiing, mountaineering, or simply rolling around with your kids.

2. A life with fewer outgoings

If you’re a long-term glasses wearer, you’ll know how much they can dig a hole in your pocket. In a previous article, we estimated the cost of wearing glasses over ten years to be between £1,250 and £2,500. And that’s going by today’s rates — it’s safe to say the cost will only get higher.

Granted, wearing glasses is cheaper than using contact lenses. However, both vision correction methods require regular payments to maintain. This is unsurprising when temporarily adjusting rather than permanently fixing your vision. But why rent high-quality vision when you can fix yours for a fraction of the cost?

3. A life free with fewer annoyances, inconveniences, and stress

Broken bridges, pairs left on the subway, fogged up lenses when cooking; the list of daily problems associated with glasses is endless.

They may not seem like much at the time, but as the days go on each little rise of stress drains more from your reserves. The accumulated pains of glasses may be taking years from your lifespan, but thankfully they can be completely avoided.

Contact lenses may offer a short relief, but the only way to truly know what it’s like to be free from having to think or worry about glasses is to get rid of them for good. The question is, are you ready to make the change?

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