I Wish I’d Done This Sooner

I have a friend who is a highly successful international banker, a ferocious skier, cyclist and tennis player. A man who has met and out-maneuvered some of the world’s financial giants handling transactions of trillions (sic) of dollars a day. A man I had always considered to be fearless. That is until I mentioned my Laser Eye Surgery to him.

Noting the ugly “readers” hooked on to his sporty neck cord, I suggested that he should consider Laser Eye Surgery and was amazed at his response:

“Only if it could be done under a full anaesthetic”, he said.

Despite being a risk-taker in many other areas of his life, this sixty-year old admitted to being terrified of having his eyes touched in anyway.

So I headed over to the London Vision Clinic for an answer and was not surprised that Dr Dan had worked with nervous patients in the past. It was not the first time he had been asked about anaesthetics and/or tranquilisers.

“I feel certain”, he said “that if this person – and others who feel the same way- knew more about the procedure, they would revise their opinions.

“I am sure that this man would never make business decisions based on so little research.

“It is surprising how some people will long to get rid of their glasses for years and then – in desperation, thinking even if it is excruciating agony (which it isn’t)- I am going to do it. It is in that state that they walk through the clinic door and start asking questions.

“It is fear of the unknown – and to overcome this irrational fear people should take the cue from their desire to get rid of contact lenses and glasses and come and speak to someone who can answer all their questions.

“That’s the next step – not let me think about whether I can muster the courage to lie down and get zapped!”

Crossing the invisible threshold of the London Vision Clinic door now in Harley Street could be the first step – it does not mean that you have had Laser Eye Surgery. However, once fully armed with all the facts and having undergone the extensive pre-surgery tests, should you chose to proceed, you might be interested to know that the most frequent quote the LVC team hear the day after surgery is: “I wish I’d done this sooner”.

Image Source: wordpress.com