To Wait Or Not To Wait

How long should you struggle with reading glasses before surgery? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having the procedure done early?

According to Dr Dan, there is no advantage in waiting – and there’s no disadvantage either.

Like many people, I had thought –wrongly – that once you give in to wearing reading glasses then your eyes become “lazy” and dependent on them much sooner than they might otherwise. Apparently this is not true.

In case you wondered, eye exercises are also a waste of time and do nothing to delay the process. So all that focussing near and far, rolling the eyes around and up and down, just serve to make you look silly and do nothing to delay the onset of presbyopia.

So you can have Corrective Laser Eye Surgery whenever you feel like enjoying the liberating feeling of being glasses-free… bearing in mind that when the eyes have shifted slightly – in ten or fifteen years time – you can easily have them “topped up”.

More on this “topping up” next time.

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