Is It Time To Have Laser Eye Surgery? What Are You Waiting For?

It is very normal for people with visual impairments to spend years grappling with the idea, doing research, seeking the advice of previous patients, and listening to accounts through the grapevine.

Laser Eye Surgery does not need to be a difficult decision. There is no need to stress yourself with the, “should I or shouldn’t I?” Furthermore, if you haven’t been in for a consultation and seen a Laser Eye Surgery professional, who’s to say you are even eligible?

Joan waited for years before she decided to have her vision corrected. She had required a high prescription for as long as she could remember. Eighteen months later, she is thrilled with the amazing results.

Image of laser eye surgery

David’s regret was simple: He wished he’d done it sooner. His short-sightedness was completely cured. This pesky handicap that he had dealt with since his teenage years was cured in less than an hour and his life was transformed. Today he encourages people not to wait.

As Medical Director of the London Vision Clinic, Professor Dan Reinstein indicates, “Almost invariably, the first thing that people say right after having Laser Eye Surgery is “I wish I’d done it sooner”.

So why don’t people have it done when they actually wanted it done? The answer, he adds, “is the fact that there remains a tremendous amount of folklore and superstition about Laser Eye Surgery.

Therefore, most people see Laser Eye Surgery as ‘a bit risky’ and consider it to be a ‘last resort’ for when their contact lenses become uncomfortable or something happened where they felt terribly unsafe with their spectacle dependence.”

What does Professor Reinstein recommend?

“My conclusion after performing over 20,000 procedures and speaking with my patients afterward is that many people approach Laser Eye Surgery the wrong way around. They wait until they are absolutely sure that they want to get it done (for some negative driving reason), and then go for a consultation. Really, it should be the other way around: people should first go for a consultation and only then decide if they want to do it. You can only sit down to think about whether you want Laser Eye Surgery once you have the facts. You can only get the facts from an expert surgeon after he’s had a chance to examine and test your eyes.”