Is Laser Eye Surgery Worth The Cost?

Everyone has different factors driving the decision on LASIK Eye Surgery.  For some the cost and slight risk is not worth the investment.

For others however, the surgery pays off a million times in the improvement of quality of life, boost to self esteem, increased convenience in the highly visual world we live in, and avoidance of the costs and practical efforts needed towards maintaining suitable glasses or lenses.

Weighing up the pros and cons is a highly personal decision.  This article about Laser Eye Surgery costs provides some insight on what to consider including costs, risks and benefits.  Although, the 1% of potential risk (0.1% at the London Vision Clinic) for some people outweighs the benefits, for many it is a life changing and life enhancing investment.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery costs have declined rapidly in the past, making it more attractive and an affordable option for correcting your vision.  One of the factors affecting costs are the larger supply available for treatment.

The need for a calculation of the differences between the costs of Laser Eye Surgery and the cost of wearing glasses or lenses is increasing.

There are numerous factors affecting the cost of Laser Eye Surgery, such as prescription extent, type of surgery, experiences, reputation, results and location.  This article on Laser Eye Surgery costs explores further factors that could affect the cost of your surgery.

What To Investigate When Comparing The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of Laser Eye Surgery usually depends on the type of Laser Eye Surgery, the clinic and the surgeon carrying out the procedure.

It is important to investigate, through this article, a number of things when comparing the cost of Laser Eye Surgery, including: the surgeon, equipment, time, prescription, procedure, health insurance, finance options, admin and maintenance costs involved.

A Word About Laser Eye Surgery Costs

“From £395.00 per eye”, “4 eyes for Two”, “Limited Time offers”, auctions on eBay and so forth, Laser vision correction has become commoditised – or has it?

Why is there so much variation in terms of Laser Eye Surgery pricing?  Taking a look at this feature may help. In a nutshell “You get what you pay for… “. Yes, there is a level of variation out there but beware of up selling, lower-grade technology, vast ranges of surgical expertise, various shortcuts in the patient care pathway, the availability of finance and easy-pay options.