It’s normal to be nervous about Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery team member at London Vision Clinic

Nerves are extremely useful, but they can easily get the better of us.

Just like in the final moments on a runway before a plane takes off.

You buckle up your seat belt and watch intently as the cabin crew go through the safety procedures.

Suddenly, the man sitting across from you seems unusually shifty.

Then there’s a sudden thud followed by what you believe to be pieces of the plane’s fuselage falling off.

Maybe today is the day.

You cower and grab the person’s hand beside you.

Suddenly the plane takes to the skies. And somehow in your fit of nerves you manage to have a little snooze, enjoy (well, maybe not enjoy) some dinner, and settle into a film.

Nerves are the body’s inbuilt way of keeping us safe and on our toes. They heighten our senses and awareness and force us to take a stark look at the dangers of a situation.

So when you’re about to be blasted into the air at 200mph on a flying bus full of hundreds of other people you don’t know — no matter how safe it is and how many times you’ve done it before — it’s normal to experience some level of nerves.

But thankfully you don’t have much time to dwell on them.

With a little bit of time, your nerves can run wild, reminding you of all the disturbing news stories and Youtube videos you’ve seen and subtly sliding in emotionally charged thoughts in place of rational, measured ones

When preparing for Laser Eye Surgery, the situation is much the same. However, for most people, surgery is not a very common event. The majority will experience few times, if at all in their lifetime.

So instead of just getting nervous in the moments before, concerns and doubts can set in over a couple of days or even weeks prior, while you’re at home and work, and when — crucially — you have complete access to all the information in the world.

Time and an endless amount of fuel for the fire are what your nerves love; this is when they can really cook up a storm and get a hold over you.

So a certain amount of nerves is perfectly normal and healthy. But in the lead up to Laser Eye Surgery, it’s somewhat easy for them to spiral out of control.

How do you stop this from happening and keep a firm lid on your nerves?

Stick to Laser Eye Surgery information and sources you trust

The greatest and at times most problematic feature of the Internet is that it offers a place where just about anyone can make themselves heard.

And so it’s awash with bold opinions, cautionary tales, fear-inducing stories, and generally lots and lots of material produced by people with their own particular agenda — whether it be business or ego driven.

One way to avoid this trap is to stick to sources of information you trust. Want to read about the experiences of Laser Eye Surgery patients? Independent sites such as Trustpilot are a great source for finding recent, unaffiliated testimonials and reviews from real life people with real life experiences of Laser Eye Surgery.

Step away from Google and keep yourself busy

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole and find yourself an hour later reading an account of a patient in the Philippines whose cut-price Laser Eye Surgery went wrong fifteen years ago.

The Laser Eye Surgery industry has changed incredibly over the past decade, and just like with sources of information online, there’s a wide range of quality in the market — from the cheapest bargain-basement high street providers to the most prestigious independent and private laser eye clinics.

No matter what subject you’re researching, you’re assured to find something negative about it on the Internet. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the abyss and instead, make good use of your time. Many people like to get their head down at work, while others find it more satisfying to take a little time off and do something relaxing like visit a spa or, if they’re up for it, catch a flight abroad for a weekend away.

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For 2017, we have updated this article to ‘Quick guide: Laser Eye Surgery and anxiety’