Cost And Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

We understand that Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap and we aren’t here to tell you that it it’s an easy expense to justify. Here are a few examples of why some of our patients decided to choose London Vision Clinic. At London Vision Clinic, we have only the highest qualified of surgeons, specializing in corrective eye surgery:

Image of laser eye surgery fee

Richard sums it up perfectly. While London Vision Clinic may not have been as cheap as he would have hoped, he believed that the price should come secondary to quality and care when choosing a clinic. His lazy eye and astigmatism had impaired his quality of life for a long time and he finally decided to do something about it. The price didn’t just include a superior surgery; it included the peace of mind that came with being a patient with London Vision Clinic. He did not feel pressured by staff before making a decision and felt as though London Vision Clinic’s medical professionals provided him with the facts that he needed to make his own decision. He felt at ease during the procedure, and even called the process interesting! From the first day to his follow-ups, Richard knew that he was in the safest of hands.

Jackson had heard of London Vision Clinic through a television program. He made note of Professor Dan Reinstein’s name and stored it in the back of his head. As the years passed, he became increasingly frustrated with his vision impairment. Until, at long last, he decided to start looking into corrective Laser Eye Surgery. He was initially tempted by the more economical alternatives, but he didn’t feel that they matched up to London Vision Clinic’s level of care and ethics. For him, his eye sight was simply too precious to settle for an alternative clinic.

David heard about London Vision Clinic through a review on a flight magazine. Whilst as first he thought the price seemed steep, he feared that he would only further jeopardize his vision if he went elsewhere. He said that he does, after all, only have one pair of eyes, and would rather not take any chances. It is five years post-procedure and he still stands by his decision. In fact, he currently recommends London Vision Clinic to all of his family and friends!