Life In ‘2020’ When Glasses No Longer Exist…

Glasses on an eye chart

It’s strange to think that just a few years ago, people were wearing glasses. Though it seems alien to us now, it was perfectly normal to carry a ‘pair of specs’ around with you to use for reading. How prehistoric! People were actually too nervous to correct their vision, and instead opted for the inconvenience, expense and hassle that reading glasses entailed. How times have changed…

Imagine the annoyance of having to dig out your glasses every time you wanted to use your phone, read a menu or a book. Not to mention the frustration of consistently blurred vision without them. Glasses were forever being lost, broken, repaired and replaced (there was even a whole industry built around this). Of course, eventually people began to wise up to the benefits of Laser Eye Surgery.

To save money, some people opted for ‘ready readers’; cheap versions of prescriptive glasses sold in pharmacies, supermarkets and petrol stations. Low prices made these a popular option; until wearers were left with headaches and eye strain. Another case of false economy, where saving a few pounds actually ended up costing people their comfort.

2020 Vision: Eye Health In General Was Often Overlooked

Many people ignored advice from health organisations, which recommended eye examinations every two years. This meant eye health issues – including cataracts or symptomless conditions such as open glaucoma  – were often left undetected,

It now seems surprising that people would rather spend their money buying multiple pairs of glasses, which were easily misplaced or broken, rather than investing once in Laser Eye Surgery. But many people didn’t realise that the procedure is comfortable, recovery is fast and that vision is corrected almost immediately.

Nor did they recognise that everyday tasks such as driving often become easier, or that the little irritations such as clouding up of glasses, or contact lenses drying up, could simply disappear. Not to mention the renewed confidence that so many people feel once they lose their glasses altogether!

Of course now reading glasses are a thing of the past – but it won’t be long until people look back at our generation and think us absurd, for something we consider to be completely normal now. How time flies…