Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

Perhaps the most discussed, and discouraging, of the Laser Eye Surgery myths is that it’s painful. It can cause people to grapple for years with the idea of even coming in for a consultation. In some cases, people hear a horror story so terrifying, that they refuse to even consider it as an option and resign themselves to a life behind glass (or lenses).

Trust us, it’s an understandable fear. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that you are going to be conscious for the procedure, which in and of itself is enough to make the average person’s stomach do somersaults. Not to mention that the words laser and eye and surgery don’t exactly sound comforting. However, apart from the linguistic associations, ignorantly preconceived notions, and myths aside, we wanted to account the personal experiences and facts before you decide once and for all.

Tom was a patient just this past year. His surgery was not just a success, it was a transformative life experience. He can wear sunglasses without worrying about pesky contact lens. He experienced literally none of the possible side effects of the procedure. That’s including the pain. In fact, he called the surgery painless. He called London Vision Clinic’s procedure the best money that he’d ever spent, and today he would recommend it to anyone who is eligible.

Beverly’s nerves were put to ease the day of by the detailed attention she received from London Vision Clinic’s staff. While nerves are normal, she felt relaxed in the operating room as the surgeon walked her through the whole procedure step by step and she felt absolutely no pain.

Vincent also felt zero pain or discomfort. He actually said that the surgery was “like a Disney ride designed by NASA.”

It makes sense that people aren’t thrilled at the idea of Laser Eye Surgery but the bottom line is that Laser Eye Surgery shouldn’t be painful when you are in the right hands. In order to eliminate or even minimise your concerns, you should always feel confident with the provider you chose to have your procedure with. For more information about choosing the best provider for you, please feel free to refer to our checklist.