What are the long-term effects of Laser Eye Surgery?

Not many forms of treatment in this world are permanent fixes. Medical equipment, like glasses and crutches, offer us temporary relief. Drugs generally rid us of illnesses for a short while, yet only get a hold on more serious or chronic conditions with continual dosage.

Not even more invasive surgeries are free from slowly degrading results and recurring problems.

Modern medicine works a little differently; it treats patients on an individual basis and gets to the root of the problem to solve it for good.

Vision correction is one area which has long benefited from this personalised approach to treatment. Millions of patients have been permanently freed from conditions like shortsightedness (myopia) and longsightedness (hyperopia) thanks to the latest developments in Laser Eye Surgery, and revolutionary treatments such as LASIK and ReLEx SMILE.

A permanent solution to vision correction… just about

In one follow-up study of LASIK published in 2008, researchers tracked the long-term results of Laser Eye Surgery on 70 patients over 10 years.

The main finding of the researchers was that, overall, patients had healthy corneas and their vision remained accurate over the long term.

Due to the widely acknowledged safety of Laser Eye Surgery, long-term studies like this one are few and far between.

In 2006, The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, in their Guidance Document on LASIK, deemed Laser Eye Surgery to be safe and effective, with no serious concerns on the long-term safety of the procedure – providing the latest technology and techniques were used.

And with technology and knowledge improving tremendously over the 18 years since the aforementioned study began, Laser Eye Surgery has only become safer and more effective.

Advancements range from the pre-operative screening and testing process to the equipment and technology of the procedure itself. However, like anything that involves the human body and its organs, you’re never entirely free from the effects of ageing.

As we get older, everything from our skin, internal organs, and our muscles start to deteriorate, affecting our ability to get around, recover from illness, and, of course, to see.

With no stopping the natural ageing process and the gradual decline in the level of vision, the best that can be done to maintain a ‘permanent’ fix is to receive a touch-up or enhancement laser procedure to refine the vision to its best possible state.

The inevitable arrival of Presbyopia

Unfortunately, ageing is a problem that occurs in 100 percent of the patients.

Translating literally as ‘old eye’, Presbyopia is the term given to describe how ageing affects the internal lens of the eye’s size and shape during middle age and later life.

Left unchecked, Presbyopia inevitably leads to the need for reading glasses, bifocals, or varifocals. But with a little intervention from Laser Eye Surgery, it can be effectively managed and improved.

Read more about how Laser Eye Surgery can treat presbyopia with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

So there’s no escaping getting old (at least for now). But when it comes to your eyes, there is a fix that’ll keep them as young as possible, for as long as possible. Let’s just hope we can soon say the same for other parts and organs of the body.