What Does Laser Eye Surgery Have To Do With Cataracts?

Mr Glenn Carp – “There is no strong connection between Laser Eye Surgery and cataracts in that Laser Eye Surgery will not bring on the disease in patients and also at the same time it does not protect you from developing it.  A cataract is a cloudiness to the lens, which is a structure in the centre of the eye.  If patients undergo Laser Eye Surgery at a young age and as they get older the the disease matures and develop those need to be addressed at a separate type of surgery and of course there are certain calculations that need to be made to work out the strength of the implant that replaces the original lens.  Those calculations will be different after Laser Eye Surgery and of course that is why all information is handed over to the patient or to the clinician to ensure that those calculations are done in the correct manner.”

Cataracts And Laser Eye Surgery Explained Further…

Laser Eye Surgery does not change the normal course of nature. If you are genetically predisposed to cataracts, for example, laser Eye Correction does not hasten nor deter the cataracts natural onset.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what Laser Eye Surgery have to do with cataracts.

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