What Does The Laser Eye Surgery Price Include?

The price of the Laser Eye Surgery is for both of your eyes and for all of your pre octave appointments, all of your aftercare for up to a year’s length minimum and for all of the eye drops you will be needing during that time. We want to be sure that the price of the Laser Eye Surgery will leave you feeling worth your money and time to invest into your eyes.

“The London Vision Clinic provided pre & post op care second to none. Before surgery, all questions and risks were openly discussed and addressee. I am now completely free of glasses and contacts for the first time in 25 years, Thank you Glenn Carp and LVC.” -Janet Dillon.

Suitability Explained Further…

At London Vision Clinic, all Laser Eye Surgery fees include:

  • Initial screening.
  • Wavefront analysis.
  • Ophthalmic exam.
  • Wavefront-guided / Wavefront Optimised treatment (if applicable).
  • Contact lens trials (if applicable).
  • Interim glasses required between High Profile treatments.
  • VHF Artemis Insight 100 VHFU Examinations (if applicable).
  • Post-operative visits (standard regime).
  • Supplemental exams carried out within a year of treatment.
  • 24-hour access to the surgeon by mobile phone.
  • All post-operative medications.
  • Any necessary enhancements within a year of treatment.

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