What Does The Price Of Laser Eye Surgery Not Include?

The price of Laser Eye Surgery does not include any external appointments with any other consultants prior to treatment, nor does it include any tests that we think you should have based on your health of your eyes. Talk with your health care provider for further details regarding this matter. London Vision Clinic is more than happy to give you a consultation on the health of your eyes and discuss further action that needs to be taken. We want to be sure you get the best results possible.

 Claimed back time for myself and husband not looking for the other pair of glasses before leaving the house. Tremendous change seeing everything clearly and not straining. 

– Jennifer Sibbald

Suitability explained further…

The LASIK price does not include transportation, accommodation, or off-site fees that may be necessary to ensure your safety during or after the procedure. In rare instances, we may refer you to off-site examinations or tests (retinal examinations, orthoptist fees, post-operative optometric exams carried out elsewhere, professional opinions, treatments etc). These fees are not included in the treatment fee, and are payable to the health care professional carrying out the service.

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