What Is IntraLase, Or All-Laser LASIK, And Is It Better Than Conventional Laser Eye Surgery?

Mr Glenn Carp – “All-Laser Eye Surgery basically refers to the fact that when we do LASIK treatment, we have two parts of the treatment, the first part is to create a good quality flap in the cornea and the second part is where we lift the flap and then we apply the shaping to the bed and then return the flap to its original position.  All-laser LASIK refers to the fact that the flap in addition to the actual shaping process is also created by laser as opposed to what was done in the early days and still in truth is widely used today; a mechanical blade based technique to create the little flap in the cornea.  There is no difference really in the quality of these outcomes because essentially a good quality flap will offer a patient pretty much the same results, but in terms of safety nowadays with the advent of these femtosecond lasers, which are used to create the laser flap, the precision of the flap itself is far greater.”

IntraLase And LASIK Explained Further…

Recently, clinics have introduced the terms Femtosecond LASIK and IntraLASIK to the UK. This again is basic LASIK, however, instead of using the traditional microkeratome instrument to create the corneal flap, a surgeon uses a separate laser to cut the corneal flap. Femtosecond manufacturers often claim that the adoption of this laser can reduce complications and even improve accuracy. Femtosecond treatments are the standard at London Vision Clinic.

Mr Glenn Carp discusses IntraLase, all-laser LASIK and conventional Laser Eye Surgery.

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