What’s The Secret To Great LASIK Surgery Aftercare?

Trust is vital no matter what area of your body or health you’re dealing with. But with Laser Eye Surgery being more widely available than almost any other medical treatment, this statement is ever truer when it comes to fixing your eyes.

But when we talk about trust, we don’t just mean you have a “good feeling” about the clinic or surgeon. We mean they have a proven track record of treating patients with your prescription, that they use the latest technology and safety protocols in their treatments, and that they have an experienced team and, crucially, a robust aftercare program.

Although the results of LASIK are permanent, and generally the only reason to undergo any further treatment is due to the — however unfortunate — truth of ageing, there is an important part of the Laser Eye Surgery process that continues long after having the surgery. This is the aftercare program, and it should be comprehensive and, depending on where you go, last up to year — and in some cases even a lifetime.

The comprehensiveness of the aftercare regime is a strong sign of a clinic’s trust as it says “we’re not only responsible for your treatment, but also what happens afterwards”. By making this commitment, clinics and their surgeons are putting their reputation on the line and showing that they themselves trust in their process, and that, therefore, you can too.

Here are a few of the most important factors to look out for and help you discover whether or not a clinic, and its aftercare regime, are worth your trust.

Consistent Follow-Up Appointments

Although the vast majority of people see a huge improvement in their vision in just a few minutes, that doesn’t mean you’re completely home free.

First things first, there will be the next day follow-up appointment. This is when the clinic ensures your eyes are not irritated and that they’re healing exactly as they should. Following this, you should have appointments after a few weeks, a few months, and then at a year post-treatment. It is common for your Optometrist to schedule additional appointments during this year should they be required.

Even if your eyes feel fine, it’s important to stick to all of your aftercare appointments so that your doctor can monitor your vision and keep everything progressing smoothly.

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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24/7 Aftercare Availability

Although it’s extremely rare to need your surgeon at the drop of a hat, it’s important that their aftercare guidelines permit you to contact them no matter what the hour or how long after the treatment it’s been.

This may mean being able to reach a team of patient care coordinators via email, or even having access to the surgeon’s personal phone number to send a message to or call. However well your recovery goes, everyone has questions throughout the process and so this one is a must.

Caring and Knowledgeable Staff

Having any kind of surgery is a scary prospect for anyone. And so it goes without saying that you want to be in the hands of a highly trained and experienced surgeon and staff that can help you through the process in a calm and comfortable manner.

Not only is this critical for the time you’ll spend at appointments and in the clinic, it’s also important so that they provide you with the proper at home guidance. For instance, by advising you on things to avoid, how to properly care for your eyes, and when you can return back to specific activities.

Treating You As A Lifelong Patient

Like the rest of our bodies, our eyes change over time. High-quality Laser Eye Surgery clinics understand this, and so they never treat you as a pound sign or a one-off-patient — they treat you from day one as if you’ll be with them for life.

Clinics do this not only by making sure you know you can connect with them years after treatment, but also by providing you with highly personal and tailored care. Head massages, complimentary chocolates, and real relationships with genuinely caring staff are just some of the ways the best of the best ensure you never feel like you’re just another fish in a sea of patients.

What’s The Secret To Great LASIK Surgery Aftercare?

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