Your Top 5 Laser Eye Surgery Fears, Tackled

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Scream! You’re about to take the plunge and go ‘under the laser’ to correct your vision, and you’re worried about the implications of surgeon meets eye. Are you putting your most prized possessions in jeopardy? They’re so delicate, and you can’t help thinking of all the things that could go wrong!

As dedicated refractive surgery professionals, we know how important your vision is to you. We also know that Laser Eye Surgery can be a daunting prospect. For some, the myths and rumours that float around the internet are just too much to bear. In reality, Laser Eye Surgery’s very safe; as we’re sure you’ll see once we’ve tackle your top 5 Laser Eye Surgery fears!

You’ll Be Awake During Surgery

Yes – your eyes will be open, but no, you’re not going to re-enact a scene from A Clockwork Orange. This is a safe and painless medical procedure. Our surgeons are among the most respected experts in the world, and they’ll guide you through every step of the way towards the operating table, getting to know you and your eyes well ahead of time. It’s true that you’ll be awake during your surgery, but your surgeon will be at hand to make sure you’re entirely comfortable throughout this pain-free and needle-free procedure.

 It Will Make Your Eyesight Worse

When Laser Eye Surgery was relatively new to the medical world, there was a lot of talk about the treatment potentially doing more harm than good. Happily, with an expert surgeon and today’s advanced technology, that is certainly no longer the case. Laser Eye Surgery, performed by an expert, is actually safer than wearing contact lenses – which few would think are unsafe!

You’ve Been Taught Not To Look Straight Into The Sun

Your Mum was right; you should never look directly into the sun. You can, however, look directly into our specially designed laser without fear: there’s no heat, and it’s so gentle that you could safely hold your hand under it. Our patients also tend to worry about coughing, sneezing, or making other accidental movements during the procedure; but rest assured, there’s virtually nothing you could do to upset the surgery, as the laser is constantly tracking and compensating for any movements.

It Will Take You A Long Time To Recover

Not so! As a recovering Laser Eye Surgery patient, you should be up on your feet and back to normal activities in almost no time. Most people can even go back to work the following day (if they really want to)!

It Will Cost You The Earth

You’ll be paying for a specialist procedure and high quality care, and this doesn’t come cheaply. However, while our service isn’t free, it’s certainly not reserved for the millionaires of the world. For standard treatment, with our interest-free financing plan, we collect a monthly fee of £204; we believe that Laser Eye Surgery is no place for compromises, so we want to make our extremely high standard of care as affordable as possible.

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For 2017, we have updated this article to ‘Quick guide: Laser Eye Surgery and anxiety’