In Which Cases Could I Need A Laser Enhancement Surgery?

The majority of London Vision Clinic’s patients will not require an enhancement after Laser Eye Surgery.

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“There are two things which affect the outcome after Laser Eye Surgery. Of course, the technology and the accuracy of the laser are important but you will also need to take your own healing into consideration.

At London Vision Clinic, we make a sensible assumption that your healing is going to be average. However, some patients do heal slightly differently compared to the average. When they do heal differently to the average, it would mean that their end result may not be perfect. It’s in these situations, once you’ve completely recovered, we reassess your eyes, take your measurements and in due course, once your vision is absolutely proven stable, we would then do an enhancement.

The purpose of the enhancement is to tweak the result so that your vision and the problems that you had with your vision are better.”

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“Having worn strong glasses since the age of 13 it is amazing to be completely free of glasses and lenses. These is now nothing I can’t do with my own amazing sight. The whole experience has been a joy with all the friendly and caring staff at LVC. If anybody has any doubts- DON’T – it’s amazing”. Lesley

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