Laser Eye Surgery Costs – Why Do Costs Differ So Much?

When first looking into Laser Eye Surgery the wide range of options and the difference in prices from high street chains to independent clinics can be mind-boggling.

So why do Laser Eye Surgery costs vary so much?

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At the London Vision Clinic on Harley Street in London, there is a simple pricing structure for the optimum level of results and patient care.

We don’t advertise low cost entry-level treatments then up-sell based on more advanced treatment options. We have a simple pricing structure, with one ‘Standard’ price for the majority of our patients, and a ‘High Profile’ price for those with particularly high or complicated prescriptions. We provide our very best levels of patient care, technology and treatment techniques for every single one of our patients.

Here is London Vision Clinic surgeon Glenn Carp talking about different levels of patient care and the range of Laser Eye Surgery cost structures out there:

“The Laser Eye Surgery industry is a bit of a minefield… there’s a lot of different levels of patient care and patients will be subjected to a multitude of differences when it comes to different pricing structures in comparison to what we have here at London Vision Clinic.

Essentially, what we try to do at London Vision Clinic is to offer patients a full package.

There is a one price fits all. We’re not here to up-sell, we’re not here to offer a little bit extra in terms of their results if they pay a little extra.

The idea being that whatever the patient needs, we will provide for that patient.

We also follow our patients up for a minimum period of one year, and that includes all their post-operative consultation and medications etc.

Again, this is all encompassed by the Laser Eye Surgery cost structure that we provide for patients ant the London Vision Clinic.”

Our passion for delivering the very best treatments and patient care to every one who chooses London Vision Clinic is what shapes our pricing structure.

Our Laser Eye Surgery prices are:

· Fair – Everyone receives the same high standard of care
· Honest – We don’t advertise low costs and up-sell to patients
· Transparent – There are no hidden extras – the cost you pay is all inclusive

To find out if you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic, book a consultation today.

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Laser Eye Surgery Costs – Why Do Costs Differ So Much?