PRK Recovery With London Vision Clinic

PRK is an alternative to the more common form of corrective eye surgery, LASIK. The recovery rate of PRK is 80% and the procedure is more invasive, so this form of surgery will not be elected by a surgeon without some medical reason.

In LASIK, an incision is made and then excess tissue on the cornea is removed, thus reshaping the cornea and improving vision. However, in PRK a small section of the epithelium, or thin layers of cells on the surface, is entirely removed. So unlike in LASIK, where patients can experience near immediate improvements in vision, PRK requires a longer recovery time.

PRK patients will have to wait an average of two months before achieving clearer vision. In the interim, especially directly following to procedure, they may experience discomfort. Patients will have to wear a temporary “bandage” contact lens for five to six days following the procedure until the epithelium successfully regenerates.

Many patients, just like in LASIK, will experience dry eyes following the procedure. It is important to regularly apply the eye drops provided to you by your surgeon in order to alleviate discomfort and avoid eye infections which have the potential to lead to a regression.

London Vision Clinic is committed to the satisfaction of its patients and determined to select the best procedure for you. If PRK is determined to be the best procedure for you, then we are there for you every step of the way, from the day that you walk into our clinic until the last day of your recovery. Our top trained medical professionals will walk you through your post procedure eye care and help you to relax the day of your procedure. Our world renowned surgeons will be happy to address any concerns that you have in an effort to alleviate your anxieties. After the procedure, your surgeon will remain easily accessed in case you should feel any discomfort.