Short-sighted? What You Can Expect From Laser Eye Surgery

A visual explanation of short-sightedness

Unless you’re lucky and still in the honeymoon period of wearing them, you’re probably fed up with wearing glasses.

It’s frustrating having to reach for your specs every time you want to read something. It’s costly when you break or misplace them. And it’s simply defeating when you discover yet another activity you can’t do because of them.

But what am I saying — you already know all of this. By now you may have considered Laser Eye Surgery on numerous occasions. And you probably even know that it is a completely safe and effective solution for you.

The thing is, taking the next step is not always so easy. Not least because Laser Eye Surgery is a medical procedure that you can’t really dip your toes into before you go all in.

And so how does one gather some certainty and take the leap? Is Laser Eye Surgery really as good as they say it is? What can you expect exactly from treatment?

To help answer some of these questions, we’re going to lay out some facts on Laser Eye Surgery for shortsightedness at London Vision Clinic, and then hear from a few of the people who’ve had the treatment themselves.

Expect great vision and peace of mind

  • Proven track record: 100 percent of all our patients with myopia up to 9.00 dioptres achieved the UK driving standard of 20/32 vision or better. In fact, 97 percent of myopic patients with prescriptions up to -4.50 dioptres attained a level better than “20/20” vision (20/16 vision).
  • The utmost care and comfort: Treatment is safe and effective and our abundance of lovely staff take great care of you, so you can expect the most comfortable experience possible. We’re always available if you have a question or concern even long after your treatment.
  • World-class Laser Eye Surgery: Say “Harley Street” to anyone in the Laser Eye Surgery industry and they will know you’re in safe hands. A leading medical hub for centuries, Harley Street is famous for attracting the best minds and technologies and providing cutting-edge laser eye treatments.

What do our patients say?

We always seek feedback from our patients, whether positive or negative. We care how they feel and despite our very high standards, we’re always looking for ways we can improve our care.

Here are just a few of the common phrases we hear from people after they’ve received treatment for short-sightedness. You can find more testimonials on our page on the independent review site Trustpilot.

“Reassured me 100%” – We aim to give you such a high level of care and attention that by the time your surgery day arrives, you’re completed relaxed and reassured.

“I felt better about myself” – Many of our Laser Eye Surgery patients report a boost to confidence and self-esteem post-treatment.

“Worth every penny” – Many of our patients were unsure before their treatment, wondering whether the expense would be worth it. Our patients later tell us the decision to seek treatment was a great one.

“Straight back to normal life” – You can be contact lens or glasses-free and well adjusted to your normal routine in as little as one day after the Laser Eye Surgery procedure.

“Comprehensive testing” – All patients go through a number of quick, painless tests to ensure that Laser Eye Surgery is right for you. Your health, vision, and recovery are always our number one priority.

If you’d like to chat more about Laser Eye Surgery to correct short-sightedness, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of eye experts today.