Short-sighted? What Can You Expect From Laser Eye Surgery?

A visual explanation of short-sightedness

You’re probably fed up with wearing glasses. It’s frustrating having to reach for your specs every time you want to read something. And you’re always either losing them, breaking them or having to buy knew ones at considerable cost.

And you know that Laser Eye Surgery is a safe and effective solution for you. But taking the next step is not always easy. What can you expect from treatment? Is it going to hurt? And what are the typical results from our own patients?

Expect Great Vision And Peace Of Mind

  • Excellent results – 100% of all our patients with myopia up to 9.00 dioptres achieved the UK driving standard of 20/32 vision or better. In fact, 97% of myopic patients with prescriptions up to -4.50 dioptres attained vision better than “20/20” visions (20/16 vision).
  • Sharp focus – See the world again in sharp focus and vivid details. No more fumbling around for your glasses to focus on what you’re looking at. You’ll have a permanent correction.
  • Feel at ease – Treatment is safe and effective and we take great care of you, so you can expect the most comfortable time possible. And we’re always available if you have a question or concern.

So What Do Our Patients Say?

We always seek feedback from our patients. We care how they feel and despite our very high standards, we’re always looking to improve our care. Here are just a few of the common phrases we hear from people after they’ve received treatment for short-sightedness:

“Reassured me 100%” – We aim to give you such a high level of care and attention, that by the time your surgery day arrives, you’re completed relaxed and reassured.

“I felt better about myself” – Many of our Laser Eye Surgery patients report a boost to confidence and self-esteem post treatment

“Worth every penny” – Many of our patients were unsure, wondering whether the expense would be worth it. Our patients tell us the decision to seek treatment was a great one.

“Straight back to normal life” – You can be lens or glasses free and well adjusted after just one-month post the Laser Eye Surgery procedure.

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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“Comprehensive testing” – All patients go through a number of quick, painless tests to ensure that Laser Eye Surgery is right for you. Your health, vision and recovery are always our number one priority.

If you’d like to chat more about our results and treatment outcomes for Laser Eye Surgery to correct short-sightedness, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Short-sighted? What Can You Expect From Laser Eye Surgery?

  1. Shilpa Mukharjee 25/04/2016 at 05:43

    PLEASE tell me lasik surgery cost

    • Bethany Kingsley 18/05/2016 at 12:00

      Hi Shilpa,

      We have two categories here at the clinic. The standard category which is a fee of £4,900 and the High Profile fee which is £6,500. Patients would fall under the high profile fee if their eyes needed a lot more work, for example, larger than average pupils. Please let us know if you need any other information by getting in contact on 0207 224 1005 or via


      London Vision Clinic

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