Will I Need A General Or Topical Anaesthetic During The Laser Eye Treatment?

Laser Eye Surgery is performed using topical anaesthetic. There is no need for a general anaesthetic as the topical drops themselves are sufficient to completely anaesthetize the cornea, which is the area where all the treatment is being performed. Furthermore, during the procedure, the patient actually needs to be awake and they need to be alert so that they can respond to the surgeon’s commands which will facilitate their treatment and make it more reliable.

The saying is ‘No pain, no gain’ but I can honestly say there was no pain involved with the procedure and the gain was instant- I was reading the small print on the back of a medicine packet within seconds. – Pamela A., WP Consultant, from Sutton, Surrey

Professor Dan Reinstein explains how anaesthetic is used during laser eye treatment.

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“The ease, efficiency and quality of treatment was, and is, exceptional. The actual procedure was fast and totally painless and post-operative care has been fantastic.” -Martin Potkins.

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