Could My Sight Get Over Corrected After Laser Eye Surgery?

“Yes, it could. Over-correction is a clinical term we use which means the healing and the end result of your Laser Eye Surgery is not quite as good or on target as we would have hoped initially. It’s a well understood process and it is something we can solve by doing a normal routine eye enhancement or tweak. Of course, this would mean that there will be a little inconvenience of surgery but with the positive endpoint of improving the over-correction.”

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It is not possible for you to control your healing response after Laser Eye Surgery. Some people will drift a little bit and the end result might not be exactly what we had initially hoped for. Over corrected sight is one of the possible outcomes that might need a slight adjustment which is when enhancements come into play.

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“I was very very anxious – however, I can see without glasses – there was no pain or real discomfort and I would encourage anyone who can to go ahead. It’s just great!!”. Flavia

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